Champagne for joy, health and beauty
 Champagne - is not only a delicious drink for fun and awakening joy and love, but it is also a magic tool for health promotion and gaining beauty.

Of course, the French will argue until the last breath, the birthplace of Champagne - Champagne, a small province in France. The French legend has it that the French monk invented champagne Don Perignon, scientists argue that it only improved the production of champagne, improving its quality and making it the divine drink, production of which was begun in the Champagne region in the XVII century. Technology as its production was published Abbot Fedin canon of Reims Cathedral in 1718. Everything can be ...

But it is likely that the French first had to register their right to produce champagne in 1909. And in 1985, under the pressure of French EEC prohibited to use the term "champagne" European manufacturers supplying to the world market a large number of sparkling wines.

Although it is known that in ancient times, sparkling wine produced by the ancient Romans. Some scientists believe that the first sparkling wine was produced in Lima in the XVI century.

According to some reliable historical facts it is known that in Ukraine to produce sparkling wines began in the late XIX. And who knows, if the Ukrainians occurred to patent its sparkling wine, we now have it all admired Ukrainian wines. However, the story is no longer overwrite ...

And in 1728 began trading champagne, a year later founded the first manufacturer of sparkling wines "Ruinart". By the end of the XIX century it became a popular champagne in the world, and many countries have begun to develop its own production.

The technology of "acceleration" of champagne and drink is basically citizens of our country, was invented by Soviet scientists.

Exist several kinds of champagne , Differing taste and flavor, they refer to:
- Brut - this is the dry wine;
- Exstra sec (Eng. Exstra dry) - very dry;
- Sec - dry;
- Demi sec - moist;
- Demi doux - sweet;
- Doux - sweet.

Dry served before meals and snacks, the second semi-dry dish, sweet and sweet for dessert. For different types of sparkling wines are served cheese, white meat dishes, fish ... Sweet champagne served by the rules only to sweet dishes, desserts, fruit and chocolate.

Champagne can be served as an aperitif. Abroad, it is fed to the calf. Chilled champagne served in a special bucket filled with a mixture of water and ice.

Despite the fact that in the Soviet cinema often shot of champagne cork on the ceiling, it is necessary to open the "quiet", then stored in the drink all the bubbles, which is actually fascinating.

 Champagne for joy, health and beauty
   Drink slowly poured into special glasses, resembles the shape of a flute - on a long stalk, tall, with a narrower bowl. Experts recommend keeping a glass of champagne from the bottom.

Champagne - the wine festival. It invigorates, opens your senses a surge of emotions. It provides fun and makes soar. But other than that the champagne has many advantages, which we have from time to time and do not guess.

- For example, champagne contains tannins and glucose, with which the body produces antibodies that increase resistance to infecting microbes and viruses.

- In France, the champagne has long been considered the best cure for the common cold.

- Magnesium is contained in the drink, it relaxes the muscles man, a beneficial effect on the nervous system and restores power.

- Traditional medicine recommends champagne for getting rid of gastrointestinal disorders.

- There is also a weight loss diet based shampanskogo.Vo time this diet eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables.

 Champagne for joy, health and beauty
 Drinking champagne is not recommended in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis and colitis!

Not so long ago, and the champagne was used for cosmetic purposes. According to legend, many famous beauties literally "bathed in champagne," foaming bath made their skin supple and smooth.

We certainly can not afford a bath of champagne, but here's the rub skin swab dipped in the drink, is quite real.

Besides, champagne rubbed into the hair to strengthen them and give them a shine and silkiness half an hour before washing.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva