Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one
 Fresh lemons are now sold in supermarkets year round. For the price - available in its properties - irreplaceable. Find out what is needed in our beauty lemons.

Countries in childhood did not like the taste of lemon at all. And now, many meat dishes, pastries, cocktails almost unthinkable without the piquant acidity of natural lemon juice or zest.

But lemon is not only a place in our kitchens. Skin care and hair becomes much more effective if it add these refreshing notes of lemon.

WARNING: Do not leave the lemon juice on the skin for a long time, in combination with sunlight it can provoke serious skin reactions.

Lemons acne and acne

Antibacterial and antifungal power of invigorating the fruit enough to consider it a natural alternative to any powerful tool for the treatment of acne. A recipe application to banality is simple: make a fresh slice of lemon and rub the pulp of lemon face. You can preset at half a lemon to drip a few drops of organic honey, and treat such "honey-lemon" areas of the skin where there is acne. Wait 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Lemons for even skin tone

The spots appear on the skin not only on age or hormonal pigmentation. Irregularities leave pimples and acne. Citric acid has the property of bleach and evens skin tone. Even jewelers bleached silver and gold jewelry with citric acid (although for a strong bleaching effect of the product is boiled Limonka). It should be noted that the instant effect of one application will not bring a slice of lemon - will take several applications. Be also careful with citric acid if the face has open wounds or cuts (getting them lemon juice is very sting the skin).

Lemons tooth whitening

Of course, the results are unlikely to repeat the whitening salon, but at 1-2 the enamel can lighten the tone. But it should comply with the specific rules:
- Mix the baking soda with lemon juice,
- Place the mixture on your teeth with a cotton swab,
- Do not leave more than 1 minute, because citric acid is quite strong ingredient of tooth enamel.
- Thoroughly clean teeth toothpaste and rinse with running water.

 Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one

Lemons on oily skin

Before going to bed, and before the morning washing swipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in diluted lemon juice. Greasy luster will be defeated.

Lemons for hair color

Lighter shade of hair or individual locks, you can use lemon staining with the sun. An ideal place for such a coloring - cottage or summer vacation. For coloring, mix the lemon juice with hair conditioner. Apply the product to the hair (the entire length of a fully or individual strands), and are in the sun for several hours. Repeat this process at least once a week and you will notice that your hair is much lighter than steel, and have acquired a natural effect of the sun faded strands.

Lemons to strengthen nails

Lemon juice is not always good at a time with lightening nails, but throw this procedure is not necessary. We need several applications to relieve nails from yellowing. But the good news is you'll be glad to clarifying the effect of lemon juice, it will "work" as a tonic for the nails. Mix lemon juice with olive oil and apply on your nails - it is a means to get rid of weak and brittle nails.

 Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one

Lemons dandruff

Soothe dry scalp and eliminate dandruff help mask the scalp with lemon. Make a mixture based on coconut oil, olive oil, honey and fresh lemon juice. Thoroughly massage your scalp with this lineup. This is a good solution to dryness and dandruff.

Lemons as an effective scrub

Lemon juice removes dead skin cells. After him, as after any fruit acids, the skin becomes smooth and bright. Apply lemon juice to make a home chemical peel.

 Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one

Lemons skin cleansing

You can always make a cleansing more effective if you add detergent lemon juice. You can try to make homemade detergent mixed with yogurt and lemon juice. Massage your skin with this composition is excellent remove any dirt, grease and bacteria, while moisturizing the skin.

What science says

For home recipes and means not all modern women have confidence. However, in the case of lemons have nothing to fear. Science agrees with people's recommendations and recognizes the lemon as a source of a very large number of advantages for health and beauty:

- Lemon helps to purify the liver from toxins, stimulate the work of natural enzymes. It promotes good health and helps to keep the skin clean.

- Citric acid helps to remove calcium deposits in blood vessels, and also prevents the appearance of kidney stones.

- Lemon contains a huge dose of antioxidants such as vitamin C, which affects an even skin tone and lack of wrinkles.

- Vitamin C also is widely known to stimulate the immune system, preventing colds.

 Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one

- Lemon lot of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, helping to moisturize the body.

- Lemons are rich in flavonoids. These substances improve circulation, help maintain normal blood pressure and reduce any inflammation.

 Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one

- Lemon juice perfectly balanced pH level. The sour taste is misleading, however, lemons form an alkaline environment in the body.

- Lemons contain modified pectin and limonoids, these substances stop the growth of cancer cells, and in some cases even cause death of cancer cells.

 Lemon: all you need our beauty - a fruit in one

Daily Tip: Begin your day with a lemon. It should squeeze the pulp into a jug with warm water, add the peel. And to drink this drink in the morning. Healthy complexion, good metabolism and harmony provided!
Author: Tamara