Silk for love, health and beauty
 Who among us, women do not like pouring thin silk fabric - it would seem, the personification of the feminine essence.

In France, in the XV century bed of love veiled silk fabrics only to multiply the forces of love. Silk underwear became the first to wear the famous mistress of the Sun King Louis XIV of Bourbon Marquise de Pompadour.

Weightless, finest silk made from yarns produced from the cocoons of the silkworm, which is home to China. In one beautiful Chinese legend says that silk fabrics we owe the Chinese Empress Hyun-Ling-Chi, who lived 2600 years BC ..

Once the Empress of something that you thought, or dreaming, and dropped in hot water silk cocoon. From the softened cocoons separated silk threads. The Empress was an intelligent woman, and quickly figured out how to use it unintentional opening. So on Earth appeared silk-based livelihoods silkworm eating mulberry leaves - white mulberry.

Divine silkworm was a woman kneeling beside mulberry silk thread and weave. In ancient China, there were special rites of sacrifice to this deity, detail on this is contained in the "Records of the rites" and "ceremonies Chou."

In ancient China, there was a special tax on the use of products from silk. More than 3,000 years the Chinese kept the secret of silk manufacture, and attempt to take out the silk cocoons from China is punishable by death.

But despite the threat to lose their lives, attempts were made one after the other. According to legend, in 550 AD bring silkworm larvae to Byzantium managed two wandering monks carved holes in the staves.

Butterfly silkworm is small, the scope of its wings is 27-37 mm. The background of the front wings is light brown with a subtle pattern of dark lines. Hind wings dark brown, with two light lines. Lives moth only where there are mulberry.

In our time, the caterpillars are bred specifically on mulberry bushes cultivated in China, Japan, Taiwan, Russia and other countries. Silkworm very voracious - one ton of mulberry leaves council thirty thousand silkworms, in order to produce only five and a half kilos of raw silk. It turns out that in order to obtain one kilogram of raw silk, it is necessary to work five and a half thousands of silkworms.

Silkworm cocoon around itself creates three or four days. When unwinding the cocoon silk thread obtained from about six to nine meters in length. To create the same one meter silk matter is required from 2800 to 3300 cocoons. Therefore, natural silk is not cheap. But he has long worn.

 Silk for love, health and beauty
   Silk, in spite of its thinness and lightness, a very durable material. And one more advantage over other silk fabrics is that the silk fabric is not infest insects. This used the ladies and gentlemen of the Middle Ages who did not like to wash. Undergarment made of natural silk by order of the king to issue and Russian officers during the conduct of hostilities.

In addition, wear natural silk is very useful. It contains 97% of proteins and 3% of fat and wax comprising 18 amino acids, not only improves the appearance of the skin, and blood circulation, and the digestive system.

Silk underwear helps to cope with allergies, reduce the level of sugar in the blood, is the prevention of hypertension and atherosclerosis.

 Silk for love, health and beauty
 Silk is a part of many modern moisturizes, nourishes and smooths wrinkles creams and shampoos and gels. Modern cosmetologists say that silk proteins absorbed through the skin, moisturize the skin and stimulate the regeneration of skin, heal minor scrapes and scratches, smooth out wrinkles. Silk proteins easily penetrate into the hair follicle, moisturizing and nourishing it, from which the hair is shiny, lush and supple.

Chinese women about the healing and rejuvenating properties of silk knew a long time ago.

- To skin was soft and smooth, they rubbed her silk cloth. That does not prevent us to do now. Such procedures contribute to the disappearance of cellulite. It recommended rubbed silk white.

- Hair for shine and splendor is also recommended to rub the silk white brunettes can rub them and black silk.

- To rejuvenate the skin, it is necessary to pour the water into a container, freeze it, then strain through several layers of gauze, moisten with water, this silk fabrics and make a cool compress on the face, neck and decollete. Compress hold 20-30 minutes, soaking the fabric as it dries. But to achieve the effect of silk should be natural. The course wraps 20-25 - 2 times a week. After compress do not wash and do his best on the night.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva