Slippery topic: Oil for Health and Beauty
 Since ancient times, recognized beauties used oil money to care for the body, skin and hair. Today, cosmetic oil - one of the most popular products of the beauty industry. What it is useful and how to use it, tell MyCharm.

Cleopatra gave shine to the hair with a mixture of pine and linseed oil, Aphrodite loved to take baths with essential oils, and Nefertiti supports young facial mask of olive oil and honey. Probably a couple of years ago, scientists have re-read the secrets of the beauty of days gone by - in the cosmetic department stores appeared a myriad of elegant bottles with a slippery content.

Unlike his earlier designs, modern oils have a huge advantage. The function recovery lipid balance of the skin, they perform better, because it has a shorter molecular chain oil. The latter allows them to penetrate more deeply into the skin. In addition, the composition of the new oil is much more profitable means: addition of the oil ingredient in a pure form are also present in the product peptides (protein compounds) and moisturizing components.

Can the oil harm

The main feature of the new generation of oil - a complex composition. Do not be misleading concise notation "Oil" on the label means. Inside the bottle carefully considered mix of base oils   cold pressed - shi, olive, sunflower, argan, palm, sesame and grape seed essential oils Obtained by steam distillation of plants and flowers - lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, neroli.

The complex structure is not always to the benefit of cosmetic products because what he varied, the higher the risk of allergies. Base oils with relatively safe, cause rhinitis, vertigo and other reactions perform in most cases essential oils.

Persons prone to allergies beauty experts recommend to wait with buying a means to clarify the intended reaction to it. To do this, visit the Department of essential oils "pure" and apply a drop of oil on your wrist. If an adverse reaction does not occur, you can safely buy a novelty. If you are beginning to disturb the state or health of the skin at the site of the funds in the future to avoid it.

 Slippery topic: Oil for Health and Beauty

Using hair oil

Most often, girls and women in the home care using hair oil. The debut of this product belongs to the category of brand Kérastase. The tool, called Elixir Ultime, who saw the world in 2011, could be used as a mask for the hair styling agent or to protect against thermal effects.

Irina Seliverstov, technologist brand L'Oréal Paris and hairdresser recommends replacing traditional oil hair conditioner. This replacement will give your mane smooth and give shine. An additional advantage would be to get rid of such a common ingredient conditioners as silicones. Some of them are bad washability and tend to accumulate in the hair, making them brittle.

How to use oil for hair

To supply the hair   Oil should be applied immediately after shampooing. At this time, "the hair scales," disclosed, thereby providing the ideal opportunity for penetration of nutrients into the interior.

To facilitate stacking   oil is applied to dry hair. For short and medium hair is enough for one or two drops for long - two or three. Nourishes the hair, starting from the tips (usually they are badly damaged), moving up to the roots.

Use the body oil

Body Butter will be useful in solar or household burns: it will reduce the inflammation and relieve pain.

It will please oil your skin if you suffer from dryness or peeling of the skin. To do this, apply the product to wet body. Water - a great conductor of oil in the deep layers of the skin.

In addition, the oil will help you be irresistible during a beach photo shoot. If you apply it on the surface of the body, the pictures will get perfectly smooth skin. This technique is often used by model. Effective protection from exposure to intense sunlight notice the cosmetic product with essential oils of orange in the composition. This ingredient will serve as a filter SPF.

 Slippery topic: Oil for Health and Beauty

We use oil for face

Most of the oils for the face is recommended for use in tandem with creams. This tandem is especially helpful for dry skin. It is important to use the funds properly: first apply the cream, then butter. Remember, through butter cream penetrate the skin can not.

If you want to use oil as an independent agent, apply it on the skin with wet hands.

For owners of oily skin oil is good to use for cleaning. Purchase products with lavender or rose - they will help you remove the skin inflammation. If you have increased the level of sebum, using essential oils "in its purest form." A modicum of funds add a day cream and apply on face.

Gallery Oil for Health and Beauty

Chamomile Treatment Oil, (Malin + Goetz)

Universal oil. Suitable for moisture-prone skin irritation, is effective in treating dry damaged hair can be used as a massage oil or oil bath.

 Slippery topic: Oil for Health and Beauty

Huile 27, M.E. SkinLab

Nutritious elixir that will appeal to your hair, face and body. It has a "dry" texture, perfectly absorbed.

 Slippery topic: Oil for Health and Beauty

Intensive Mask with micro oils Oleo Intense, Syoss

The trend means for hair care, are activated by heat. Enriches hair trace elements, vitamins, restores the structure and combats split ends.

 Slippery topic: Oil for Health and Beauty

Author: Natalia Bartukova