Vaseline - a certified beauty secret
 Maybe someone will remember the small metal jar of Vaseline, which were sold in the Soviet times. And some did not even know that this was once the most affordable product for women's cosmetics. But now he has successfully used by women around the world. Not only the elderly ladies!

To say that Vaseline - a product of the past - no way. Did you know that to this day in the European cosmetic shops and supermarkets sell a product called Vaseline ? And the word - it is not only the name is known to us the means but also the brand.

Who Vaseline   - Is a trademark owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever . And it invented and patented Vaseline was in the United States in 1872. Today, under the brand name Vaseline produced a wide variety of tools for the skin, such as lotions and moisturizers, and creams and products for children, and even men's cosmetics. Some products already contain a part of the very Vaseline, we are talking about in this article.

 Vaseline - a certified beauty secret

The debate about how much petroleum jelly - a natural product, do not cease. In fact, it is a by-product produced during oil production. And some believe that it is harmful neighborhood, and there are those who argue that Vaseline is not more dangerous than the land or water, as sourced from the depths. But several generations of women has grown by Vaseline. Known priverzhenka Vaseline model Tyra Banks   often said in interviews that still respects the product. But if we take into account some of the concerns about the safety of petroleum jelly, it is still a lot of areas for its use in the care of our beauty. Let's put aside the fear and try to take advantage of this affordable and easy means.

 Vaseline - a certified beauty secret

For humidification

Some experts believe that the Vaseline does not in itself moisturizes the skin, it just creates a protective barrier to help retain moisture. There are those who think that Vaseline - itself a wetting agent. But also those, and others, can not help but agree that Vaseline moisturizing needs. This is especially true in cold and windy weather. Do you want to wake up in the morning with soft and moisturized lips? Apply petrolatum them overnight. And, you can soften the rough Vaseline skin on elbows, heels, knees - is also advice for the winter season.

  For tight clothing

To avoid irritation and rubbed on the skin from friction tight jeans or tight leggings, apply in these places a little Vaseline. Clothing will normally slide, and you will avoid rashes and wounds.

 Vaseline - a certified beauty secret

  For perfume

Vaseline helps renew the spirits. Try this little trick before sprinkle perfume wrists and neck in the first place, these apply a little Vaseline. It turns out that petroleum jelly is capable of absorbing the smell and keep it spreading throughout the day.

  For peeling

If you mix with salt Vaseline - get the salt scrub if with brown sugar - sugar. You can be sure that this does not injure the skin scrub as vaseline slides perfectly and salt or sugar "work" as exfoliating agents.

 Vaseline - a certified beauty secret

  For make-up remover

Few fabrics (flannel or calico) and Vaseline, and have readily accessible means for removing makeup. You can replace the tissue paper napkin. Cotton swab do not advise - remain on the face of the villi. Vaseline is good for removing waterproof make-up, as well as bronzer (it is often harder to remove than a shadow or lipstick).

  For the storage and use of nail polish

The problem with many - sticking cap vial of nail polish to the very bottle. Sometimes, because of this nail is ejected. Take your time. Apply a little Vaseline on the neck of the bottle, it will quickly unscrew the lid. Incidentally, this method can be used for other household cans which are poorly opened.

 Vaseline - a certified beauty secret

  For styling hair

Apply a little Vaseline on your palm, rub hands and apply to hair. It does not weigh down your hair, but will give a smooth and obedient. It is important for the newly washed hair. A girl with curly hair, for sure, and so know this recipe because it's great tames unruly curls. By the way, split ends are sealed with Vaseline is good, they just need a coating film.

  To remove stains

Vaseline can help remove stains from lipstick on clothing. After that, of course, formed from the spot of Vaseline, but it is easy to remove by means of soap or dishwashing liquid. There is also a recipe for removal of dried ink spots. Vaseline will soften the paint, then paint is removed with turpentine, and after cleaning and degreasing agent are removed from the spots of petroleum jelly.

 Vaseline - a certified beauty secret

  For a manicure

Before you engage in complex nail design, lubricate Vaseline skin around the nail. Then before drawing is essential to degrease the nail plates themselves. Treatment of skin with petroleum jelly to help varnish does not adhere to the skin, when suddenly you miss and make inaccurate, your skin will be much easier to clean from the varnish.
Author: Tamara