Beauty as a royal luxury.
 Beauty - not an accident! And the regal beauty of ancient and medieval knew that using the means-tested for thousands of years and allows you to turn Blue Stockings in Queen of Beauty.

At all times people stremilcya be nice and please others. Cosmetics interested in everyone and always. In ancient times, cosmetics used not only to decorate the body but also for the prevention of disease. It was a whole complex of healing the body and, in fact - the human soul. Means and methods, enhancing feminine charm, not ignored and the beauty of royal blood. Each of them had their own "proprietary" recipes.

SPA treatments a la Cleopatrae

All women know about the legendary milk baths, queen of Egypt who took Cleopatra. High-efficiency of this procedure has been appreciated in the XXI century. Cleopatra bath - one of the most popular services in salons and beauty centers today.

The result of this procedure is to open the pores and deep penetration of nutrients into the skin, providing moisturizing and softening effect. Naturally it is that such procedures are performed in the salons of luxury and the price is appropriate.

You can take a bath last Egyptian queen and at home. To do this, take a rectangular linen bag (~ 12X20sm), fill it with 1/3 dry milk and add the milk 2 tablespoons olive oil, lightly mix. Tie the bag and use it as a washcloth (water should be be very warm). A stunning effect is guaranteed!

You can also use scrub the ancient Egyptian queen to give soft skin: Take 3 tablespoons fine salt, mix it with a glass of heavy cream and then the mixture is rubbed into the skin, starting with the toes and gradually rising above, then rinse in the shower.

Russian beauty

Catherine the Great - one of the most prominent Russian empresses. Ugly and not very educated Prussian Prussian princess, being also unhappy in my personal life decided to become a real ruler of Russia. To do this, she became involved continuous improvement. And not only does it constantly engaged self-education, but trying to achieve and physical perfection.

Until Catherine kept old gorgeous hair. Empress regularly rinsed hair broth and a succession of celandine. A series of soothing and has antimicrobial action, and celandine helps dandruff. The broth is prepared as follows: 4 tablespoons dry celandine herbs and 2 tablespoons of dry alternate on the 1, 5 liters of water, cook on low 10 minutes in a sealed container, insist 8 hours and filtered.

Catherine the Great was ardent fan of the fruit masks and ointments. Very popular were at the time of procedure with strawberries, which not surprising, as fresh fruit - it's a real cocktail of beauty vitamins, essential oils and other biologically active substances (malic, citric, salicylic acid, carotene, pectin, etc.) . Cleans and nutritional mask was a mask of mashed berries with fresh strawberries. Berry weight was kept on the face and neck for 10-20 minutes and then washed off their fat cream or sour cream. Aristocracy loved to luxuriate in a bath of strawberry and stewed fruit.

French makeup remover

In the second half of the XVII century-beginning of XVIII century the center of fashion and cosmetics becomes France. Women began to get involved in finery and excessive use of cosmetics. In vogue wigs and face powder. At this time lived most famous Marquis of France - the Marquise de Pompadour, to unravel the secret, on which are scratching their heads all the women of the world - how to keep about a man for 20 years.

Marquise, as we know, was very pale complexion and it is abundantly used rouge. Naturally from such a relationship skin awnings began to deteriorate and she came up for yourself makeup remover (by the way affordable and modern women): a mixture of whipped cream and sugar. Soaking the skin such goodies paid handsomely, radiant with freshness and cleanliness.

Also celebrated contemporaries Marquise "longstanding beauty," mistress of the king. The secret to success lies in a cool tonic spring water: the Marquis never washed or washed in very hot water.

Queen and the queen of the past were great restless inventor and ladies: they daily face was tinted, used powder, rouge, lipstick, made masks and took a bath. They used a treasure of natural cosmetics 100%, and as a result, the legends of their beauty and charm are still alive.

For this and other reasons, in recent years, almost all over the world has increased attention to the use of natural materials and natural substances of animal and vegetable origin, which are harmless to the human body, unlike synthetic having a number of side effects. Modern beauty industry is beginning to obey the principle of "return to nature."
Author: Inna Sedykh