November 11 - Remembrance Day and St. Anastasia Rimlyanyni Abramius Recluse
 Anastasia revered as intercessor sheep. And November 11 is celebrated as the feast Ovcharov. Before this day was made last sheep shearing in the current year. On this day and in every way gratified treated shepherds. And for good reason. Wool is very useful for human health and appearance. People understood this long ago.

The domestication of sheep began in ancient times. The ancestors of today's sheep, scientists believe the wild mouflon, which is now in the wild are found in the eastern Iraq, western Iran, the Southern Caucasus, in Asia Minor. European mouflon preserved on the islands - Corsica and Sardinia.

These animals prefer to dwell among the rolling hills and plateaus. It is known that 4000 years BC in ancient Mesopotamia bred sheep, spun wool and wove the fabric of it. A woolen fabric of ancient Babylon, according to Pliny the Elder, marveled at the beauty and variety of colors. Ancient mosaic depicting the breeding of sheep was discovered by archaeologists during excavations of the ancient state of Ur. It is believed that in the world today there are about 850 breeds of sheep

"Magic" properties of wool:

- Wool consists of the same proteins - proteins and keratins as human skin, so wearing things from wool gives a person pleasure and is like a second skin.

 November 11 - Remembrance Day and St. Anastasia Rimlyanyni Abramius Recluse
   - Wool itself is very resilient.

- It has long remained clean and keeps the body in a dry warm.

- Wool not only protects against heat and cold. She still breathes. The surface coat layer has micropores which are so small that drops of water can penetrate the surface of the fibers. And sweat, pressed through pinholes, evaporates. Thus, clothes made of wool and has some water-repelling property.

- A more wool, according to the scientists, neutralizes toxic substances released in sweat person.

Medical bed

 November 11 - Remembrance Day and St. Anastasia Rimlyanyni Abramius Recluse
 But hair is not just clothing, it is also convenient, medical bed - mattress covers, pillows, blankets. These are bedding wool help to cope with sciatica, low back pain and rheumatism.

At night we can be, and hot and cold and the woolen bed maintains a comfortable temperature, allowing the body to breathe and quickly absorbing perspiration.

Wool products are not only useful for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also with allergies, asthmatics, those who suffer from circulatory disorders, has bad blood vessels, often freezes.

It is said that those who sleep on pillows with wool blankets and hiding from it, almost never suffer from headache, toothache.

When polyarthritis, rheumatism, gout, recommended to reduce pain and improve mobility of joints, winding sore spots woolen scarves and shawls.

 November 11 - Remembrance Day and St. Anastasia Rimlyanyni Abramius Recluse
 Those who often get cold, experts advise wearing sweaters and jumpers made of pure undyed wool.

In the treatment of pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis, sinusitis and flu help old-fashioned grandmother "dushegreyka" from sheep's wool, worn next to the skin. Wearing a "dushegreyki" effective mustard plasters, cans and other heating.

 November 11 - Remembrance Day and St. Anastasia Rimlyanyni Abramius Recluse
 This brings to mind Peter I, who thought wearing boots on bare feet is not only the best treatment of colds, but headaches and hangovers. Scientists later confirmed what the king - of wool boots do have a therapeutic effect on the body. Hairs walking in contact with the skin, and there is a micro massage relevant points located on the soles of the feet. Confirmed scientists and that boys before adolescence wearing boots, in adult life do not have problems with potency.

Wool for female beauty

 November 11 - Remembrance Day and St. Anastasia Rimlyanyni Abramius Recluse
 - Raw and washed only way to grandmother's hand, wool contains lanolin and oil, which is used for skin care. And things from a wool effect on the female body is rejuvenating.

- To keep the breast supple and young, experts advise wearing a woolen jacket or sweater of undyed wool on a naked body. This can be done even at home.

- Similarly, a beneficial effect on the neck scarf tied hand of wool.

- It has been observed that women wearing simple mittens fleece winter long remain smooth and supple skin.

- It is known that at the court of Empress Anna Ivanovna honor wore boots even Gown.

- And in our time, with sharp temperature drops, so late and not always efficient heating can be shortened boots slippers slippers instead. Get more value and health and beauty.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva