South beauty melon - a fountain of youth and health
 The second half of the summer and beginning of autumn is marked by the melon, which is not surprising. Melon - not only that the tasty and fragrant, thanks to its unique set of vitamins and minerals, it cures many diseases, improves metabolism, increases immunity, improves skin and hair, helps to lose weight.

Source of health

As part of the melon a lot of vitamins (A, C, B2, B6, B9, E, niacin and pantothenic acid), together they have a restorative effect, improve the structure of skin, hair and nails. Silicon in its composition enhances brain function and metabolism, folic acid (B9), and raise the level of hemoglobin iron. Vitamins C and E have antioxidant effects, that is not allowed to form in the body of free radicals, which cause death or adverse changes in the cells. So melon prolongs youth and keeps health. Due to the mild laxative effect melon copes with intestinal cleansing, which immediately affects the color and condition of the skin.

Compress chest of melon pulp relieves coughing, and if so to apply a compress on the injured spot, it will go faster bruised.

Even gold is contained in melon, and even in her flesh is, substances that promote the production of serotonin - "happiness hormone", so if you are haunted by sad thoughts - eat a slice of melon, inhale its aroma, and your mood immediately improved.

For skin and hair - pulp, seeds, peel

Of course, most of all, we appreciate and love the melon for its delicious, sweet and aromatic pulp. Rich in vitamin A, it is a kind of "miracle elixir of beauty": its use for cosmetic purposes makes the skin soft and smooth, his lips - the freshness, and eye and hair - a nice healthy glow.

From the pulp of melon prepare nutritious and toning masks for the face and hair. If a mask of melons (crushed pulp) used regularly for a month or six weeks, the skin becomes supple, takes a white and ruddy with a matte shade.

It has melon and bleaching properties, so useful to those who struggle with freckles and pigment spots.

Milk for dry skin.   Melon juice mixed with an equal amount of milk, and mineral water. Such a toilet lotion is used to wipe dry skin.

 South beauty melon - a fountain of youth and health
 Do not dispose of melon seeds - they are very rich in zinc, which means that their use in food improves the condition of hair and skin. Enough to eat 2-5 grams per day. Fresh seeds, just razzhёvyvaya them (you can with honey), and melon season you pohorosheet markedly. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants and melon crust. There is a fairly simple folk recipe based on melons, allows you to save the youth and health: skip the crust with the skin through a juicer and drink half a cup of juice after eating a portion of melon.

Fresh crust:   attach the pulp-to-face for 15 minutes and simply rejuvenating mask with lifting effect is ready.

If you are unable to sunbathe by the sea, you can enhance the effectiveness of the sun with the help of local melon. It contains the beta-carotene that promotes the formation of melatonin in the body pigment that is responsible for darkening skin. For even tan is enough to eat every day for 300 grams of melon in the sun at least a few hours a day. Sunburn is smooth and beautiful!

Beauty Hair

The pulp and juice of the melon is suitable for all hair types, they will make your hair elastic, shiny and soft. Hair mask to do is very simple: mash the melon pulp, put on clean hair, put on warming cap, and after 30 minutes rinse with warm water.

Hair lotion. Take a few tablespoons of the pulp of a melon. Put in a ceramic bowl and mash with a fork, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth. Pour into a glass jar. Before head washing divide hair into strands and then wipe with a cotton swab obtained juice scalp and hair along the entire length. After 20-30 minutes, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. It should be 15-20 procedures 2-3 times a week (you can use a mixture of juice of watermelon and melons).

Will melon to lose weight

Some experts, nutritionists believe that the tendency to be overweight is enough for one week to eat two kilograms of melon pulp per day (divided into five receptions) to correct the metabolism, clean the intestines and get rid of several unnecessary kilograms.

For those who like to approach everything seriously, there are different versions of melon diet. Melon - a valuable food product, perfectly nourishes the body and outputting toxins, helps burn fat. Offers a special "melon" diet just uses these properties of melon. Eating instead of afternoon tea and dinner daily rate melon (melon 1 kg of pulp per 30 kg body weight), subject to the usual low-calorie diet, you are at the same time getting enough essential vitamins and minerals, in order not to experience a breakdown and discomfort of hunger.

During this diet should be excluded from the diet of potatoes, pasta, bread and sweets. For breakfast, we recommend boiled rice without salt, seasoned with soy sauce and berry juice. At lunch, you can afford to salads dressed with olive oil, low-fat cottage cheese, a day can eat 150 grams. Boiled sea fish (cod or pink salmon) or boiled egg (scrambled eggs can be), or 150 grams. boiled white meat chicken or turkey. You can drink rather weak green or black tea without sugar.

His daily rate melon is divided into five parts. Eat one serving at lunch, while the other four have start three hours after lunch, eating one serving every two hours.

Important!   Melon should not be combined with other foods and drink fluids, can not serve chilled melon on the table, while cooling its beneficial properties are reduced considerably.

Despite all the advantages of melon, melon diet is not for everyone, there are contraindications in the use of melon inside. Diseases such as diabetes, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, colitis - are serious grounds for cautious use of melon like food.
Author: Olga Travleeva