What is a "black soap", and how it copes with acne
 This soap and true black. It is native to Africa, thence women decide to use this product, many skin problems, apply for health and beauty hair. Let's get acquainted closer with black soap?

Homeland black soap - Ghana, West Africa is now tourists bring it as a precious souvenir is not only there, black soap can be found in shops in Egypt, the Sudan and other African tourist. If you can get black soap (bring back from vacation or get as a present), you're lucky because the black soap - wonderful beauty-product.

 What is a "black soap", and how it copes with acne

What is the black soap

Traditional African black soap is made up of ash and oil. Ash - from banana leaves, bark, shea, cocoa, plantain leaves, palm fronds. Among oils - coconut, palm oil or olive oil, shea oil, coconut oil. In some varieties of African soaps have all these ingredients, and some only a couple of them. The formulation may be different, one standard is not.

 What is a "black soap", and how it copes with acne

This black soap is not really black, it is rather dark brown. It is believed that there was a black soap is to solve the problems and fatty acne-prone skin, as well as a product for skin eczema. African black soap and used as a mask for the face, and as a shampoo and as an ingredient for baths. In general, from head to toe, they say.

Production of black soap is extremely simple. First, burned leaves and bark, and then the resulting ash was mixed with water and filtered. Needless soap is obtained when the oil is poured into an aqueous solution of the ash, the mixture was mixed for 24 hours and allowed to "reach" for 2 weeks.

In modern conditions black soap you can buy in the shops with organic cosmetics, but basically, it bought over the Internet. Now you can buy and briquettes black soap, and liquid formulas. But now the black soap is sold in large shapeless briquettes with a viscous texture (as a paste or sorbet), and it is necessary to use a knife to cut a piece from a big briquette.

 What is a "black soap", and how it copes with acne

Why is it so valuable

Black soap is rich in antioxidants - vitamins A and E, it helps the skin maintain long youth. It has anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent ingredient for acne and other skin problems. Black Soap contains no sulfates, and it is a real gift for all those who do not fit the usual shampoo for hair. It is a natural product, so it should be used for skin problems and hair treatment.

Using black soap for beauty

 What is a "black soap", and how it copes with acne

- Exfoliate and washing

And for the face and body. Cut off a small piece of black soap. Pre-moisten the skin. Wear cotton gloves or take a flannel cloth. Whisk in gloves or foam soap in a napkin. Now the resulting foam wipe the face and body. Rinse with warm water.

- Face mask with black soap

Cut a piece of soap, put in a bowl with warm water (water volume in 2 times more than soaps). Leave on for 10 minutes, until the soap softens. Add the soap paste of honey and mix. Apply the mask on face and neck, leave on for 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water. This mask is shown to everyone, but especially for skin with acne and acne Africans exactly get rid of any uneven skin.

- Shampoo for hair with black soap

Just lather the hair of black foam soap. Do not rub your hair with soap, it will break them and the soap is rinsed bad.

Council:   If you have softened soap, then dry it first, and then sent to storage. Store black soap is necessary only in a dry place, because it is very easy to soften from moisture.

Black soap for oily skin

People with skin problems (acne, eczema, dermatitis) suffer from the fact that the majority of cosmetics does not suit them, they are too many chemicals that cause redness, itching, dryness. Black soap has no chemicals in the composition. Some scares his unusual odor, but for people with skin problems is a distinct advantage, because the soap is not specifically put any perfume to soften the natural flavor oils.

Another advantage is the low PH level of black soap. If ordinary soaps are the rate of 9 to 10, 5, African - 7 or less. Our skin has a PH level from 4 to 5, 5. In this sense, African soap is more gentle to the skin than the hard variety of detergents.
Author: Tamara