As the fragrance last longer: 5 fragrant secrets
 One famous writer equated the spirits to the poem that women wear on themselves. Well, it seems to be true. Only one "but": someone's poetic work long and happy hostess, and others, and someone - is short-lived and require constant adjustments ... What you need to do to be beautiful fragrance fragrant as long as possible on your skin? Let's get acquainted with the little tricks of wearing scents.

1. moisturize your skin before applying perfume

If you are the owner of oily skin type, you're in luck: you smell will be "worn" longer and slower to evaporate. If you have a dry type, it is desirable to moisten it before, for example, take a shower. When scents experts recommend to put on damp skin lotion or body cream. Well, if they are from the same series as the favorite smell. If such tools in your arsenal is not, just add a little bit of perfume on top of the oil droplets, such as olive.

2. Apply the smell in the right place

Perfume likes to linger on us, subject to its application to the right places. The best point is for flavor are those areas of the body where Jabneh all felt for a pulse. We remember: it earlobes, wrists, elbow bends, concave chest. Perfumers share a secret: the flavors tend to come from the top down, so it is advisable not to forget to add a drop of perfume on the ankle and the knee on the inside. But just apply perfume behind the ears - a big mistake: the smell is quickly absorbed by bacteria living there.

 As the fragrance last longer: 5 fragrant secrets

3. Do not forget about the hair

The simple procedure will help the fragrance for a long time to stay with us. It's enough to splash spray into the air and quickly enter into the created fragrant cloud. Be sure amber settles not only the hair, which can keep the smell for a long time, but are evenly distributed throughout the body. Another way to long "wearing" smell - sprinkle perfume and brush a couple of times to spend on clean hair. Just keep in mind: in both procedures the hair must be perfectly fresh. Otherwise, a mix of sebum and perfume can unpleasantly surprise others.

4. Correctly Handle the aroma

Many of us like, causing a favorite fragrance on your skin, rub it thoroughly. Thus allowed the most common, and, unfortunately, a fatal error for the aroma: smell literally dies under our fingertips. Specifically, the molecules are destroyed, its components. Therefore, the notes used perfume may not open in the correct sequence and distort inherent in them information about the flavor. Accordingly, the duty of maintaining the smell on the skin can be no question.

 As the fragrance last longer: 5 fragrant secrets

5. Choose the concentrated scents

To breathe as long as possible, it is necessary to give preference to smells, sealed in perfumes (Parfum). Of the variety on the shelves of perfume departments they are able to keep the smell of the longest (up to 4-6 hours). This is due to their composition - the highest concentration of aromatic oils. In second place on the water resistance are perfume (Eau da parfum), who are able to retain the flavor up to 3 hours. But so many of your favorite bottles of toilet water (Eau de toilette), unfortunately, can not please us persistent and rich bouquet.

Yet, when dealing with fragrances should stick to simple rules: it is better to put a little favorite smell than to overdo it. Otherwise others, even the closest, excessive odor may simply scare and push. Great Coco Chanel said that the spirits - an unforgettable fashion accessory. Wear it with dignity!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya