By Kilian: Perfumes as high art
 It seems to be a niche high-end perfume for a long time occupied by well-known and respected brands. Wealthy and successful, as well as the only aspiring to prosperity for a long time people have chosen for themselves on the top ten favorite perfumes that create the image of the "flavor" and help to succeed. The surprise experienced audience? And can it be done perfume house, opened a few years ago? ..

By Kilian perfume house succeeded. Heir to the Empire Kilian Hennessy Hennessy decided to turn from the path of cognac business in the path of perfumery and has not lost. The new brand created a furor, managing to delight customers and win their hearts. Collection brand quickly found its admirers, and flavors of Kilian Hennessy scattered around the world.

Of course, Kilian was preparing for his triumph. He was lucky to work with the best perfumers create fragrances for Christial Dior, Paco Rabanne, Alexander McQueen and Giorgio Armani. It was then that he thought of his own brand, and in 2007 he put his dream into reality, recognizable and at the same time just to name a perfume house of By Kilian.

What distinguishes the creations of Kilian Hennessy? First of all, it is the uniqueness of each flavor, which do not resemble each other. Next - manual production. Yes, in the XXI century it is possible! Incidentally, the site of the perfume houses in the details of each flavor contains recipes. Finally, packaging ... It is impossible to describe - you need to see ... It vials of black, decorated with paintings on the sides of boards and Hector Ahhilesa. Each bottle is enclosed in a black lacquer box, which is locked with a key. Outdoor eco-friendly trends, Kilian Hennessy offers do not throw bottles, polluting the environment, and to acquire a replacement unit or buy spirits by the glass.

By Kilian A Taste of Heaven («Paradise delight") - an elegant perfume with the scent of vetiver, created especially for men - the powerful, the home position, the home life ... Fragrant composition is notes of bergamot oil, lavender, patchouli, oak, vanilla and et al. Perfect for any meeting - from business to love.

By Kilian Back to Black («Return to black") - a unisex fragrance with a sensual aroma of tobacco. The composition contains notes of bergamot, nutmeg, saffron, cardamom, coriander, raspberry, blue chamomile, honey and others. This amber woody fragrance is named after the famous album of singer Amy Winehouse.

By Kilian Beyond Love prohibited («forbidden to all but love") is designed for a female audience, abiding romantic search. The unique composition represented by notes of jasmine, coconut, tuberose and ambergris and musk. This oriental floral fragrance that is suitable for day and for evening. You never do not guess at what point you will meet Him.

By Kilian Cruel Intentions («Cruel Intentions») - the female wood-citrus scent. Awesome combination of oils Calabrian bergamot, orange blossoms, a Haitian vetiver Indian papyrus, violet and others. Designed for merciless fights with a man's world, which has always come out a winner.

By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses («Dangerous Liaisons") will win admirers fruit and chypre fragrances. Perfume is made from prunes, coconut, black currant, peach, plum, cinnamon, rose, geranium and others. The aroma is intriguing and suggests risk ...

By Kilian Love And Tears («Love and Tears") - a stunning fragrance for connoisseurs of the stronger sex. Presented by notes of cypress, orange blossom, citrus, ylang-ylang, bergamot, jasmine and orange. Fragrance "on the verge", full of strength and sensuality ...

By Kilian Love Do not Be Shy («Love: do not be a prude") - a charming floral fragrance for women. Perfume notes presented Tunisian neroli, bergamot Calabrian, pink pepper, honeysuckle, coriander seeds, orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, iris and others. For those who are born beautiful, but also wants to be active.

By Kilian Prelude to Love («foreplay") - a unisex scent with domination of the Florentine iris, which perfectly complement the lemon bigarad, bergamot, lavender, neroli, Bulgarian rose, cardamom, orange blossom and pink pepper. As seen from the composition, the fragrance is a family of citrus.

By Kilian Arabian Nights Pure Oud («Kilian Arabian Nights Pure Oud") - a fragrance built on the eastern oils - such as amber, incense, oud wood, rose, musk, myrrh and agar-agar. Perfume captivate fans of oriental and woody scents.

By Kilian Arabian Nights Rose Oud («Kilian Rose Oud Arabian Nights") - a sophisticated woody unisex fragrance created from a combination of wood and satisfies rose. In addition to these components in the aroma notes of guaiac wood guessed, cardamom and saffron.

Kilian Straight to Heaven white cristal («On the Road to Paradise") - a spicy-woody masculine fragrance enriched with notes of patchouli, nutmeg, absolutes, rum, cedar, dried fruit, etc. gediona.

Kilian gives customers not only enjoy the perfume, but also introduction to the art. In the black barrel of Hennessy, everyone can try to mix different flavors of By Kilian and enjoy exclusive perfume created his own - by By Kilian by By Me. However, experiments may not be required. Among such diversity you will certainly find that unique flavor that complement your dressing table and your life.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya