Escentric Molecules: absolute delight of simplicity
 Everything in the world is complicated - relationships, fashion, flavors ... Sometimes this was so tired. I would like naturalness, simplicity, and at the same time feeling an absolute delight - without a shadow of a doubt, without a handful of sludge ... something simple and beautiful, as we may have dreamed of, and then forgotten. We lost because of vanity, concerns and ongoing commitment to complicate everything that surrounds us.

And if you think about - why these sophisticated compositions, one after another plumes? My favorite flavor is good is their original sound - so we chose it in a perfume shop. The family of flavors Escentric Molecules is such - it monoaromaty that do not go away, and are always with you.

Aroma Escentric Molecules Escentric 01 good with its modern sound. It's the smell of success - quite sprightly for you to feel confident on any business meeting, and sensual - to delight a loved one, which will take you after work. This fragrance reflects the rhythm of life of the modern city and for those who love this life in a variety of its manifestations. Perfume molecule so special because of chemical ingredients Iso E Super, which was specially designed for this fragrance. Notes pink pepper, lime and iris did not overshadow the main component, but rather give it a special touch.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 lovers wood smells. Sensual and soothing, this fragrance will give you joy and harmony. You will forget about petty troubles and doubts suddenly calmed cats are scratching on the soul. Perfume Molecule 02 - is the real wealth of the notes of sandalwood and cedar, which will give you a unique glow in any situation.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 and 02 Escentric - a beautiful oriental fragrance based on amber. This powerful aphrodisiac to help you bring the passion from the opposite sex. But here is monokomponentom amber fragrance! These spirits will give you a hurricane of passion and an explosion of emotions that you will never forget. And yet, your memory will be easy to refresh, opening a bottle Molecule 02 or Escentric 02. A feature of flavor Escentric 02   It is the presence of refreshing notes of iris, musk, vetiver and elderberry. This fragrance will give you the ease and vivacity for the whole day.

Eccentric Molecule - the spirits of the effect of pheromones that are great for both men and women. These scents in different ways, but equally great are disclosed in the male and female skin.

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Author: Marina Tumovskaya