How to choose a new fragrance
 The choice of perfume - it is a responsible and difficult, as it should emphasize personality, character and emotions. To find a flavor that will really fit your personality and will become even more attractive, you need to learn some of the secrets of perfume, helps to better understand them. Choosing a new perfume can be a nice occasion for better understanding of themselves, their preferences and desires.

To do this you need to do:

Determine the direction of odors
To determine the new flavor, you must first understand what direction flavors you prefer. Perfume can be floral, fruity, woody, spicy. Often the choice depends on the sound that a fragrance on the skin, from the memories, he brings, emotion, which causes. The choice is so great that to fix his attention on any one fragrance is simply impossible. That's what you need to narrow your choices and determine the direction of flavors. After that, it will be much easier to choose.

Hear the sound of the fragrance on the skin
On the skin of different people the same fragrance will sound different. This is because the epidermis tends to change the characteristics of a perfume. To learn correspond to your flavor, you need to test it on the areas of pulsation - the crook of your wrist, with the ear lobe, on the side of the neck and then wait half an hour. Thus, we can truly understand the sound of fragrance on your skin to catch the slightest nuances of it and feel if it fits you. It is not necessary to test the fragrance on the palm or on the outer portion of the brush is also not recommended to spray perfume near ornaments because metal can give stain the skin reaction and the point of contact with it.

 How to choose a new fragrance
 Understand the notes of flavor
Each fragrance represents a building with a complex architecture, or a piece of music with lots of notes. When connecting all notes or all of the building blocks of original-flavor obtained pyramid, in which stand out the top notes, you feel immediately after application perfume notes of the heart - they appear after ten to twelve minutes, and base notes, which constitute the main sound flavor.

Top notes are always the most light and volatile, middle notes are more voluminous, and base notes of the most persistent and intense. Only after an hour you can feel the real, the base perfume fragrance. It was during this time, all three groups of notes reveal their sound and help us to understand if it fits you.

 How to choose a new fragrance
 Choose the right formula
Another difficulty is to choose the formula that suits you the most: eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, lotions, colognes, solid perfume, perfumed powder. For daily use is better suited toilet water because its unobtrusive transparent scent envelops you invisible haze, without overloading the meantime your image. Also, delicately flavored skin lotions and perfumed powder. For a more pronounced sound more appropriate eau de parfum or perfume, which help to create a dense fragrant cocoon around you during the evening publication.

 How to choose a new fragrance
 Properly applied fragrance
There is a kind of belief that perfume should be applied to places where often kiss as the flavor is another trump card in seduction. A drop of perfume should be applied to the fold of the wrist, behind the ear lobe, on the side of the neck, in a hole between her breasts. The fragrance can be applied on clothes, but spray it when it is necessary not too close, to avoid stains. Use perfume should be moderate, otherwise, instead of the alluring fragrance can become a compulsive and bad for others. Only two or three sprays of scented water will be enough for a light veil of flavor and delicate sound.

Properly store your perfume
To perfume for a long time please its unique aroma and do not change it, you must follow the rules of storage, since perfume does not like direct sunlight, sudden changes in temperature, the heat. It is best to store perfume in its original packaging, it will increase its shelf life, protect against excessive light and heat. On average, after the opening of the fragrance it maintains its quality for two to five years, while it may vary slightly color that does not mean, however, to change the qualitative characteristics of the perfume.
Author: Natalia Biatova