How to use perfume
 Now many are spirits. They have become an integral part of the image. With their help, you can tell us about your character, lifestyle, and remain forever in the memory. They can be a maddening and can cause pinch nose and say, "fuuu ..." indifferent to them is not there.

It would seem that the spray of the perfume and forth to conquer new heights. But it is not so simple. It turns out that there are certain rules.

Error 1. Apply perfume on clothes, jewelery or applique. This perfume is revealed only in contact with the skin. Each of us has its own unique flavor. Mingling with them, the spirits and give the same flavor. Therefore, on the clothes they (the spirits) not only show their true beauty, but also may well leave a trace. If you still stubbornly apply perfume on your clothes, do it only on that which is dark in color. Since light can stay on divorce. And do not pour perfume on jewelry, coverage can get, because contained in them (ghosts) alcohol.

Therefore, Rule 1: Apply the perfume on the skin only.

Mistake 2. When applied perfume on wrists, some rubbing their hands together.   It is believed that since the perfume better penetration into the skin and permanently remains on it. However, things are different. Wrists - an ideal place to put a fragrant liquid, but because of the friction of the smell disappears. There are some places on the body, which is best applied perfume, the smell as there persists the longest.

Rule 2. Apply the perfume on wrists, behind the ears, on the back of his hand, left and right in the neck and in the hollow between her breasts. But not three !!! In addition, you can spray perfume in the air and stand under the de- positing drops.

Mistake 3. Always use the same perfume year round . Without a doubt, have a favorite flavor is quite normal. But always use them is not necessary. The fact that we live in a climate zone, where for years he changed several temperature modes. Therefore, the same fragrance is not suitable for wearing in summer and winter. As the hot weather, our skin is warmed up and the flavors sounded stronger. Therefore, for the summer season is not suitable astringent and heavy perfume.

Rule 3. In general, the office experts advise to use warm and sweet smells, for outdoor events - fresh; a strong and languid for the evening.
However, remember that before changing spirits should take a shower, so that the flavors do not mix.

Error 4. Storage spirits outdoors . Universal mistake. By purchasing perfume, unpacking them, we put in a closet. More often than not there, where light penetrates. And do not think about the fact that it changes the flavor. Paper box is not just for beauty or transport, but it also retains the original flavor.

Rule 4. It is best to store perfume in a box away from sunlight.

Error 5. Buy perfume as soon as you sniff the tester.   The fact that the concentration of fragrance testers are much higher. Second, you can feel only the top and heart notes, and base the fragrance will appear later. Therefore, having come to the store and selecting a few options, sprinkle them strips of paper, sign it and put it in different places, so that odors are not mixed. And after a while the smell again, and the right choice.

Rule 5. Set aside the decision to purchase spirits the next day, after you sniffed a tester.

Error 6. Buy perfume based on the description of the flavor from the words of someone.   This is the strange property of some people. Everyone perceives flavor on their own, especially since the real experts in this delicate matter very little. And so do not be lazy to go to the store and smell the fragrance you are interested in. In addition, not a fact that will suit you described.

Rule 6. Buy perfume based solely on your own taste.

 How to use perfume

I want to give a few tips:
  1. Do not abuse the spirits . When you long time use the same perfume, you get used to it, and sometimes it seems that you do not smell anything. And the man begins to pour out of the tube into the day to yourself feel better. And they feel at that moment around? Yes, they simply split his head and lays the nose. So, try not to overdo it.

  2. Do not spray perfume on your hair . So how can blend perfume and conditioner.

Perfume - it's like a suit like a second skin. He will be around you all day long. Therefore, to select and to apply it must be right. Do not neglect the simple rules and do not be afraid to experiment.
Author: Vera Karabutova