Laws perfumes
 Most women can not live without your favorite perfume. But that's not all know how to properly use perfume. What to do if you think about these "not for everyone"? It is necessary to observe some rules that will help you better understand the perfumes. We present you some advice that will help you better understand the so-called "laws of perfume."

1.   There is an opinion that in the morning we perceive smells better than in the evening. This is not true! We are equally perceive scents throughout the day. Just this morning, after a quiet sleep, we experience odors brighter psychologically. So do not listen to people who say that the best place to buy perfume in the morning;

2.   After a certain age (to be exact - after 50) the ability to perceive odors slowly deteriorating. However, after a series of studies revealed that this "law" applies more to men than to women. That is why grandparents give preference to a sharp, sweet and cloying aroma, and not because they have no taste. Only in this case need to be careful, because the warm weather these harsh odors can play a cruel joke with you;

3.   If you have recently been ill with the flu or the common cold, to postpone the purchase of spirits for some time. Colds for a long time reduces the ability to perceive the aromas;

 Laws perfumes

4.   Remember that your nose at a time will not be able to accept more than three fragrances. Subsequent smells mingle with each other, that prevent their adequate perception;

5.   As is known, the heat several times increases the sense of smell, so better not to use the summer sickly sweet smell, and give preference to a light and fresh flavor;

6.   Often there are girls who have bought a particular perfume, because the smell liked to someone of the familiar. It is not right. Perfume smell at all different. Why is that? Because the chemical processes are different - they do smell so special and unique;

7.   Do not spray perfume on precious stones and metals, perfumes can ruin your treasures;

 Laws perfumes

8.   We often see on the vials with aromas following inscription: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette. In these three cases, the resistance will be different flavor - it depends on the concentration of aromatic oils, and alcohols. The highest content of aromatic oils contained in perfumes - 20-30%. Followed by perfume water - 15-25%. Well, the smallest amount of oil contained in the toilet water - 10-20%. From this we can understand why spirits are at times more than toilet water.

9.   The best place for perfumes - a skin. That it allows the spirits of increasingly reveal its flavor;

10. Perfumed water is better applied to the hair (only on the condition that they are clean). Greasy hair can not better to distort the flavor, mix it with grease and dirt;

 Laws perfumes

eleven.   If you want to spray some type of perfume on clothes, check in advance whether he will not leave stains;

12.   For a whole day thins your favorite perfume fragrance of water, it must be applied every three hours. Owners of dry skin "refreshing" favorite scent have more often;

13.   The radius of the so-called "circle of flavor" is arm's length. Rules of etiquette state that others do not have to feel your fragrance outside this circle;

 Laws perfumes

14.   The fragrance is moving upwards. Therefore, if you decide to apply perfume behind the ears only, be prepared for the fact that he would soon evaporate;

15.   Typically, the shelf life of spirits is 3 years. But this is used perfume - unopened spirits can be stored for five years. The main enemies of flavors - is heat and light, so you need to store perfume in a cool dry place, away from moisture and light.

Here, perhaps, the basic "laws of perfumes", observing that you will always be pleased to smell, and serve others subtle, personal messages.
Author: Svetlana Misnik