Perfume in Black. Part 4: Black Magic
 Now black is very common in the clothing and accessories. It is often chosen for its practicality (everything fits), and non-staining (this is debatable). However, it has long black bears some attracting puzzle. Black may or absence of color, or by mixing all the colors. It can be deep and obscure shape of the object, and may be so bold, that, on the contrary, to emphasize the figure. In addition, the black color in Europe for centuries been associated with two opposite - nuns and witches.

It is this aspect of the witches are often present in the perfumes, which tends to be interpreted as black as the color of mystery and mysticism. Intense and intriguing, it lends the quality and fragrance, created under its mark - as a rule, they have a smoky, amber, camphor, rich spicy smell ... It is both a poison and pleasure.

 Perfume in Black. Part 4: Black Magic
 Serge Noire by Serge Lutens
This woody-oriental unisex is a complex mixture of black wood and spices with strong accents of camphor. The fragrance is dedicated to Phoenix - mifilogicheskoy bird that has the ability to rise from the ashes.

 Perfume in Black. Part 4: Black Magic
 Magie Noire by Lancome
Magie Noire, which is translated as "black magic" - an exceptional composition of incense, rose, galbanum, amber and dry wood. Indeed, it is the same bewitches like a magic potion or a spell of voodoo.

 Perfume in Black. Part 4: Black Magic
 Black Mini Candle Black Amber by Acqua di Parma
Mystic and chic, this candle exudes a warm and sensual amber fragrance. The unusual shape reminds us of the duality of many things.

 Perfume in Black. Part 4: Black Magic
 Bvlgari Black
Thanks to an uncompromising blend of smoky tea with accents of burnt rubber and resinous amber, this fragrance from the Italian jewelry brand attracts both men and women - in short, all lovers of this richness and strength.

 Perfume in Black. Part 4: Black Magic
 Travel Spray by By Kilian
This road bottle - the same for all flavors of the brand. Adorned with an engraved shield of Achilles, logo designer, it looks like a magical amulet from distant pagan times when people knew how to talk to the wind, the earth and clouds.

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina