Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 In perfumery black color can not only be familiar minimalist and refined luxury, and not only be embodied in the form of symbolic black. Oddly enough, he often appears in the "edible" fragrances that bring with them a fragrant wave of praline, apricot, black cherry, almond ...

In fact, black as a symbol of the mouth-watering flavors - it's not so strange. After all, what the most favorite and useful delicacy sweet tooth? That's right, chocolate! In addition, it is necessary to recall prunes, black currants, blueberries, blackberries ...

 Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 Black XS   and Black XS for Her   by Paco Rabanne
Both the flavor of the duo built on the mouth-watering essences of fruit and praline surrounded by sensual woody-oriental trail. This is contradictory to the ambiguous natures scents. Black XS   for a tough guy with a tender heart, and Black XS for Her   - For ardent fans of rock 'n' roll, which is the soul of a beautiful princess.

 Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 Black Velvet Apricot Collection from The Body Shop
Black Velvet Apricot   - Luxury collection for the body and home. Juicy notes of apricot blend with dark plum and sweet. The inspiration for this collection was an exotic fruit pluot, which is a hybrid of apricot and plum.

 Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 Baies Black Candle by Diptyque
With this aromatic candle in black matt black glass from Diptyque, you can fill your home with a subtle fruity aroma of black currant.

 Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 1881 Black by Cerruti
This manly fragrance with fresh and aromatic accents reveals delicate nuances and sweet marzipan. It is a warm and spicy atmosphere of the Italian evening.

 Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 Liquor Mozart Chocolate Pure Black 87
For the sweet tooth, do not want to be limited to odors, offer chocolate liqueur Mozart black. It includes dark chocolate, dark roasted cocoa and real Bourbon vanilla. It can be drunk alone or to come up with delicious cocktails.

 Perfume in Black. Part 3: Black delicacy
 La petite Robe noire by Guerlain
Charming and entertaining fragrant delight recalls smelling violets French dessert with black cherry jam. Like the famous little black dress, sung by Coco Chanel, this scent is suitable for any occasion. However, being universal, it does not get lost in the crowd of novelties day - give to know the age-old tradition of the house Guerlain.

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Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina