Session aromamagii: solve problems with the help of essential oils
 Let's talk about ... miracles. We all love to talk about the incredible stories that happened to us or acquaintances. Are there any miracles in your life? Then walk away and do not need: take, for example, the human sense of smell. Is not it a miracle ?! Nose person - an amazing organ. Through smell we can feel the different flavors ... But that's not all! Our olfactory receptors may surprise not only that!

Wonders of smell

Perhaps you've heard that ancient Greece was famous doctors who were able to identify human disease ... the smell of his body! But the monks of Tibet have gone even further: they might even be called human intent came, sniffed carefully!

Olfactory receptors and help in the treatment of humans. The scientists, healers and the ordinary people have long noticed some unusual influence smell in the well-being: Certain scents can relieve a headache, give a sense of calm and harmony, get rid of fear, help to relax or, conversely, to gather strength ... The combination of two or several essential oils is truly capable of performing miracles! That is, even in ancient times, there aromatherapy.

And what was the first?

 Session aromamagii: solve problems with the help of essential oils

Interestingly, treatment of flavors practiced since ancient times, but this skill was not yet called aromatherapy. So the name of science is obliged by French chemist René Maurice Gattefos. This man has dedicated his life to studying the characteristics of essential oils, and in 1937 published a book "Aromatherapie" (from the French. Aromate - flavor, fragrance, therapie - therapy).

For its versatile use of aromatherapy called aromamagii. Correctly selected scents will help you improve your health, become more attractive and relaxed, find inner harmony and self-confidence. Do not you think this has something mysterious and enigmatic? Aromatherapy like lifts the veil of some secrets - secrets that so few people can comprehend ...

Aromasvechi, oil burner ...

 Session aromamagii: solve problems with the help of essential oils

Ask your friends what first comes to mind when they hear the word "aromatherapy". Statistics show that most people immediately think of the burning aromasvechu. This is not surprising - that such a candle and begins the journey into the world of fragrances. Buying aromasvechu additionally something to think you do not need - the creators have calculated the ideal dose of essential oil, which will help to achieve this goal - to relax, calm down and focus.

However, if you buy aromasvechi with the addition of certain oils is quite expensive, the purchase of oil burner and a few bottles of essential oils will be cheaper. Moreover, in the case of buying oil burner you are able to mix the oil and experimenting by choosing "their" flavor!

Aroma lamps come in various types. In recent times there are commercially electric oil burner, oil burner with a candle but still does not lose its popularity.

 Session aromamagii: solve problems with the help of essential oils


Aromatherapy can help with the many psychological problems and some physical. Conduct an aromatherapy session in the home with the help of easy oil burner. So ...

* Irritation:   6 to. Rose;

* A bad mood, depression:   2 a. Neroli, 1 k. Juniper, 1 k. Cinnamon, 1 k. Mint;

* Nervousness, anger:   2 in. Of cinnamon, 4 to. Orange;

* Depression:   6 in. Or 6 rose to. Juniper;

* Lethargy (especially suitable for office):   4 in. Of lemon, 2 k. Rosemary or 6 in. Peppermint;

* Restless sleep or insomnia:   3 in. Of lemon, 3 k. Lavender;

* Lack of attention nesobrannost:   6 in. And 6 to the eucalyptus. Basil;

* Sleepiness, fatigue (especially at low pressure):   6 to. Rosemary;

* Headache:   6 drops of peppermint;

Pain during menstruation or PMS:   6 to. Rose;

* Colds:   6 to. Orange;

* Disinfection of rooms:   7 to. Tea tree, 5 to. Eucalyptus;

 Session aromamagii: solve problems with the help of essential oils

And some practical advice ...

If you want to create a "New Year" mood, mix 3 to. Tangerine oil, 2 to. Spruce and 1 to. Cinnamon. And to create an intimate atmosphere, mix for 5. Oil of ylang-ylang and 2 to. Rose.
What to do if you are not at home and do not have in your "arsenal" oil burner? In such a case, you can just a small amount of essential oil applied to the temples. The second solution is to use aromakulona - the chosen flavor will be with you throughout the day.

 Session aromamagii: solve problems with the help of essential oils

If we are talking about the cold season (when on heating), for the desired effect Put a little oil directly to the selected ... hot battery: aroma filled the room quickly, and will continue for two to three hours!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya