The smell of a man
 The choice of flavor - is a special ritual, not only for women but also for the male population. And if men choose their perfume, guided by more than practical considerations, the choice of a woman for her favorite flavor occurs at the level of feelings and emotions association.

Women tend to choose their partner a perfume that would be automatically forced to think about it. The smell of a man in such a case becomes another seductive touch that attracts a woman and she is associated with the favorite.

Perfume as a gift
If you want to subtly hint to your man that he must change the perfume, it is best to do it by buying a new fragrance as a gift. So you take care of a loved one, make it nice and get the desired result. But to the surprise success, to find a fragrance that would have liked to partner, I came to him and always would wake in you the desire to cuddle up to a loved and inhale the smell.

To achieve a good result, it is best to organize a joint trip to the store and try out their favorite fragrance on the skin of a loved one. Half an hour after applying perfume his sound is fully revealed, which will determine exactly how much you like the flavor suits your man. If the gift is ready as a surprise, then you can seek the advice of a consultant for a fragrance that based on the description of the character traits a man can advise the most suitable family of fragrances.

For a family of fragrances suited to your man?
There are a lot of flavors and they all belong to a particular family of fragrances: spicy, woody, chypre, sea citrus aromas, etc.

 The smell of a man
   It is very sensual oriental fragrance presented notes of amber, ginger, vanilla, odorous resins, for example, Boss by Hugo Boss . They emphasize the sexual attractiveness of men, and gives it a certain mystique.

 The smell of a man
   "Leather" flavors combine intense notes of tobacco, leather, honey, smoke extract of birch tar. These are a few bitter smell give the image of sophistication and aristocracy, for example, Burberry London for men New by Burberry.

 The smell of a man
 Family fern fragrance with notes of bergamot, lavender, rosemary, basil, oak moss is considered the epitome of masculinity and a suitable energetic, modern men, for example, Egoist Platinum by Chanel .

 The smell of a man
 Men with the adventurous nature of woody scents are better suited to the "hot" musk, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver, for example, Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

List the different flavors is endless, so it is a time to smell than a hundred times to read. Armed with the help of a consultant for the perfume, the knowledge about the preferences of men and their perception of your favorite smell, you can choose the right fragrance that will make him even more sexy and attractive.
Author: Natalia Biatova