What if your favorite flavor was removed from production?
 Many familiar with this uncomfortable feeling that you have been deprived of something native, what you thought, will always be with you. It is this feeling seizes us when we learn that the favorite flavor, which was an integral part of our way to be discontinued.

Of course, it is sad. We are upset, bad mood, and we do not know how to live. On the way home from work we go to the store, sniffing everything and - lo and behold! - We find a distinct flavor, which we think we can replace the loss. Glad we buy a bottle, then we come home ... but the next day aroma not seem so wonderful - and again we miss his "pet" ...

But we should not become limp, let's take ourselves in hand and we'll do what we have to: find yourself a decent new perfume that suits our way of not worse and maybe even better than the last. It is not easy, but it's worth it. So ...

At first, it is necessary to identify the family . Which fragrant family includes our favorite flavor? Flower? Fern? Oriental? Chypre? Most people like chords, and not the individual components of the perfume composition. Perhaps you are "addicted" to the sensual vanilla musk chord, and maybe you have captured a strong woody-oriental scent.

Secondly, it is necessary to get as complete as possible List your flavor notes To define more clearly the direction in which to search. Will it be a fruity floral, chypre-floral or floral and amber fragrance?

Third, look for like-minded people . The Internet is full of forums and websites where fans interact perfumes. Perhaps someone has already found a scent similar to your favorite. Ask for advice, read the opinions. You are not alone in their trouble!

Fourth, try, try and try again . Go to the store, but do not buy anything, and enter as many probes to be able to test the aroma at different times of day and in different moods. If your store does not give samplers, then go out there every day, but not just a lot of perfumes Test: a maximum of two at a time.

Fifth, Try to find out the name of the perfumer Who created your favorite perfume. Of course, good professionals try not to repeat myself, but have character and style of their creations can be quite similar.

Sixth, look for your favorite flavor on the Internet . It may be in some small online shop or maybe someone sells him a bottle waste.

Good luck searching!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina