Fantasies of China - Shanghai
 Saucy, spicy, authentic Asian flavor that allows you to feel and delicate Chinese princess, and fearless adventurer simultaneously.

Marc Rosen - known and talented designer packaging for beuty-production began to produce his own perfume Shanghai, after having been fascinated by the city of the same name - the result of the interaction of two wonderful cultures of East and West .  Shanghai - the largest in the Asian metropolis, full of luxury hotels, luxurious restaurants, excellent shopping centers .  Skyscrapers, banks, entertainment, multi-colored advertising - all this modern Shanghai .  It is a blend of Chinese herbs and smells of asphalt, a gentle scent of jasmine and burning rubber, it is both the symphony and cacophony of exotic and urban flavors .  "In Shanghai, invisibly present something charming and fashionable .  Say the word "Shanghai" - and you immediately create a visual image .  His name - intrigue, mystery, charm, black-and-white films .  Everyone will think about completely different things, but the most important thing is that it bears the name of the only positive emotions ", - said Mark Rosen .  However, the designers managed to convey exotic neon lights and Chinese pagodas in its first luxury fragrance .

Shanghai has appeared on the shelves of February 8, 2004 Launch of the product included a two-week exclusive sales network Saks Fifth Avenue, in all of its 60 branches throughout the US. It coincided with the day of Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year. Now Shanghai is sold in two forms: Eau de Toilette 50 ml vial and perfume in a bottle of 15 ml.

In the process of creating a fragrance Shanghai I was even involved a Chinese acupuncturist who picked components pafyuma taking into account their ability to clarify the mind and lift your mood. The fragrance contains bergamot, green pineapple, cinnamon oil and magnolia. Key impurities - a mixture of ancient Chinese osmanthus flower, jasmine petals and patchouli. The base includes vanilla, the smell of wood, amber and wild plum.

Perfume comes in a round transparent bottle. In its upper part it resembles the color of red grape juice. Shiny gold-plated cap completes the overall impression of the exotic. It has a convex horizontal rim that resembles a rocker, traditionally worn in Asia on his shoulders. The lower half of the vial is in the form of the globe and is made of a hard glass. The graphics on the box follows the design of the bottle. To make the boxes more sophisticated and expensive type used various appliances. Title Shanghai termosposobom printed with gold paint, red sun engraved, laminated cardboard and shining acetate. The inner part is covered with a deep black color.

Elegant, refined and, at the same time, sensitive and bold flavor of Shanghai is designed for the modern woman of strong and confident in its appeal.
Author: Inna Sedykh