Fragrance for modern men
 How should a man smell? Most women say that "cleanliness", "freshness" or something like that. This is reasonable, but 'Perfume' snobs tell you that you lack imagination.

In any case, the freshness - not exactly what modern men should smell. Boss by Hugo Boss - one of the most popular men's fragrances - instantly captures your sense of smell for the past 10 years. It contains ingredients traditionally male - tobacco and amber, but the key ingredients - vanilla and warm apple. The formula is very popular among men all over the world and, presumably, women who buy it for them, namely, over 50 million bottles. Collector's Edition in fancy silver bottle went on sale this week.

"He was quite bold in the late 1990s, something that epitomizes softness and at the same time, the courage," - says Will Andres, Procter & Gamble. "But I think people will get bored with the smells and the purity of water."

I came to the laboratory P & G's Egham, Surrey, to witness the most as they decide what they want to smell the millions of people worldwide. And, despite the fact that I am priverzhenka oldest perfume houses, I found the following: there are products that are beginning to worry at a certain age.

While laboratory studies, Andres and his team showed me the results of recent experiments, "poured into vials." But the process of choosing the best-selling flavor is not as difficult as it may seem.

I have a weakness for the smell of fresh wood chips (this woman's innate connection quality precious materials), so I like soft masculine fragrance Comme des Garçons, especially Odeur 71. Or, a fragrance that evokes a feeling of wealth, whiskey and cigars as Creed's Cuir de Russie - really works.

I'm really amazed at the guys who love floral fragrances for men. New Prada Infusion d'Homme - Men's interpretation of the company's popular women's fragrance Infusion d'Iris, which became one of the incarnations of the male flower perfume. It is a combination of the Florentine iris and vetiver with the Somali incense.

Miller Harris's Fleurs de Sel for women contains a rose and iris, but because it contains herbal notes and aroma of the skin, it's great for men.

Le Labo - very stylish line of fragrances for men - lovers of boutique Parisian boutique Colette - released product Rose 31. It enhances the floral chords caraway, cedar and spices. The most brutal scent with rose, it is well suited for the female half.

Regarding the men's fragrance in their latest collection, Poivre 23 - a warm, spicy, oriental.
Author: Ann, New York