Snake venom - Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli
 The luxurious, sensual fragrance mesmerizes and captivates, seduces and tempts. This magical elixir will not leave anyone indifferent.

"For me, the snake - a symbolic animal," - said Roberto Cavalli, famous Italian designer - "she accompanied me during the creative period and has always helped to achieve success." Therefore snake motifs often slip into he created the clothes and accessories image of a snake can often be seen on the posters of the fashion house. Spirals and graceful curves of her body inspired the designer to create amazing shapes and silhouettes. Now, released in late 2005, the spirits themselves were named Serpentine ("snake"), which later became a symbol of the House of Roberto Cavalli.

 Snake venom - Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli
 Free spirits were created by famous perfumer Jacques Cavallier and are floral-amber. The scent attracts unusual daring and spontaneous brilliance. Heart perfume - flowers of the mango tree. The presence of this smell the aroma is not accidental - because in Brazil it is believed that mango nectar of the flower is a powerful aphrodisiac for snakes. According to other beliefs, mango - it is the "nectar of the gods", a precious intoxicating drink. The notes of perfume compositions sound tangerine, wormwood, tiare flower from Tahiti, violet leaves, frangipani and hot pepper. The final chord - balsam wood, amber and sandalwood.

Luxury, giving birth to a storm of emotions, fragrance for confident, energetic and independent women and girls. He pulls into the maelstrom of the senses, becomes an impulse to commit the most extraordinary and courageous actions.

The rounded bottle with a picture of a snake coiled up in a ball and a golden cap, cut on the bias, the style of old, was created by designer Roberto Cavalli House team, and Serge Manso (Serge Mansau). In addition, direct involvement in the creation of Serpentine took his wife "fashion artist" - Eve - a former "Miss Universe". "This fully reflects the smell of my inner world", - she said. "We have created a luxurious bottle to match the luxurious universe of fashion from Roberto CavalliĀ», - explains brand manager brand Isabella Satori. Besides spirits, in line Serpentine left body cream, body lotion, shower gel, bath and spray deodorant.

 Snake venom - Serpentine by Roberto Cavalli
 In 2006 it was released lite version of the original fragrance Serpentine - Serpentine Silver. The creators of the lighter version again made home designer Roberto Cavalli and Serge Manso (Serge Mansau). The bottle is different from the original color, and the cap is crowned with a silver snake. Easy, but sensual composition is likely to appeal to women who are confident and know what they want from life.

Magic sensual aroma Serpentine charms and crazy. The unusual combination of floral and woody notes envelops, and does not deceive ourselves forget. Woman Serpentine - fine, tempt, passionate woman.
Author: Inna Sedykh