Create your own aromata
 Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba brewed their own exotic flavors, you too can try yourself in this kind.

Perfumes, toilet waters, sprays, oils - all of it individually and is adjusted for the individual. Light natural odors affect the delicate notes of freshness and lyrical memories, give positive emotions. They can reduce the pressure, uplift, giving a sense of the sublime love or a romantic evening. On the other hand, this kind of a hobby, it is fun, but the materials for the implementation can be found in any grocery store.

To start, decide how much you need a stable flavor. Perfume - chain most concentrated representative odors, they contain 15-30% essential oils, diluted alcohol (often alcohol) and a small amount of distilled water. Less than a toilet water resistant, it contains 5-10% of essential oils. The easiest are sprays and colognes, they only 1-2% of essential oils.


- Your favorite - pure essential oils (such as rose, lavender and sandalwood)

- Alcohol

- Fixers (for example, sandalwood, benzoin, myrrh or vanilla)

- Pipettes

- Small jars, bottles, bottle

Any of the following alcoholic products can be used for the manufacture of spirits, but It should take into account the concentration:

- 95% ethanol

- Vodka (desirably used with the greatest number of degrees, that is the percentage of alcohol).

Prolong fragrance fixatives, they are added as ingredients in the perfume composition, because they fix odors and impart their own tints.

Typical are Fixer:

- Sandalwood

- Mirra

- Benzoin

- Vanilla

- Peruvian balsam

Other fixer useful for oils, foam bath, body milk and a variety of lotions are:

- Tincture of benzoin

- Castor oil

- Grape oil

- Gel capsules of liquid vitamin E

Approximate rules:

1.   Use glass instead of plastic containers to store perfume.

2.   Put a number of manufacturing and let the name of each mixture.

3.   Leave to infuse your perfume in a cool dry dark place. Exposure time
It can range from a few days to a few weeks.

  Inventing a new flavor by adding ingredients record their quantitative content and the relationship that each time not to return to the top job.

  Wash the pipette after the change of essential oils.