Fragrant pleasure. Part 2
 There are many, and I'm alone ...

Quite often, choosing a fragrance, we are faced with the notation of flavors, such as fragrance Island Kiss filled with fruit and floral notes. There is a classification of fragrances, which bude easier to navigate in a fragrant industry.

Fruit flavors   have fruit and fruit and sweet smells. In modern flavors are often combined with fragrant flower arrangements.

Aromatic notes: pomegranate, apple, tangerine, melon, bergamot, strawberry, peach, apricot, pineapple and papaya. For example, an interesting and seductive fragrance from Nina Ricci - «Deci-Dela» with notes of melon, raspberry, apricot combined with the tart notes of sandalwood and cedar.

Floral scents   naturally have floral arrangements. These flavors can be in various combinations.

Aromatic notes of lily of the valley, violet, lily, narcissus, iris, ylang-ylang, tuberose, jasmine, rose. For example, toilet water Lacoste «Touch of Pink» with fresh floral aroma.

Fresh scents   They bring with them a sense of vivacity and freshness. These fragrant aromas reminiscent of freshly cut grass, summer meadows and green leaves of morning dew and spring air.

Aromatic notes: pine, rosemary, juniper, lavender, capuchin. An example may be toilet spirits with a refreshing fragrance from Elizabeth Arden - «Iced Green Tea».

Amber fragrance   a bit heavy, but at the same time very sensual. They have a sweet scent of vanilla and spicy with a hint of the exotic.

Aromatic notes of iris, sandalwood, vetiver, jasmine, orange blossom, patchouli, amber and musk. For example, toilet spirits "212 Sexy» by Carolina Herrera.

Oriental fragrances   with a touch of spicy fit for the evening and have a heavy, sweet scent, but they are very erotic and sensual.

The aromatic notes of vanilla, amber, musk and tree resin. Try refreshing oriental fragrance from Calvin Klein - «Obsession».

Spicy aromas   the most attractive and mysterious. These aromas are reminiscent of fairy tales and famous oriental bazaars with their spices and sweets.

  Aromatic notes of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and lavender. For example, «Mania» by Giorgio Armani - very refined and heady aroma.

Chypre fragrances   It belongs to green, bitter woody notes with a fresh bold flavor. With the scent you feel in the coniferous forest with moss and flowers or even in a pine grove with lush green grass.

Aromatic notes of sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, vetiver, sage, bergamot, rose and musk. «Diva» from Ungaro with a very elegant bouquet with chypre enchanting notes of jasmine and carnation is an interesting example.

Wood fragrances   different exotic, slightly tart at the same time elegant and very natural notes.

Aromatic notes of precious wood resin - sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli and cedar. For example, toilet water «Freya» by Oriflame mystical scent, combined with floral notes.

Now that you have a small idea of ​​the flavors you can imagine which of them are most attracted to you, and what feelings they can express themselves.

Choosing for yourself, think about your sweetheart, who also wants to be to you as close as possible. Now in today's world, you can choose not only the individual perfume, but also paired flavors that can be a wonderful reminder of each other or expression of love, as a whole. Give your man masculine fragrance from the same pair of the series, you are once again reminded about themselves and their feelings. For example, eau de toilette «Light my heart collection» from Morgan, presented in two fragrances for him and her. A lovely couple from Oriflame - «Nomadic him» and «Nomadic her» with a delicious oriental fragrance - take you to distant Indian temples.

Indulge in an expensive, but no less elegant fragrant delight!
Author: Anastasia Raikov