Fragrant pleasure. Part 1
 Scents and smells give us a special, very pleasant feeling, one might say, even sensual pleasure. Lovely and unique woman, wrapped in divine flavors attract the attention of the opposite sex - men not less fragrant and seeking to incorporate as many flavors.

Therefore, choosing a fragrance, everyone thinks about his appeal. Generally perfumes essentially contains alcohol, water, and colorants may be, of course, itself an aromatic perfume composition. These products differ in the content of this fragrance.

The largest percentage of aromatic compositions have perfume (15%) of the composition when dissolved in pure alcohol (96 vol.%). Spirits are resistant, so you can use them longer than other perfumes. The smell can be kept for 5 hours or more, while it can maintain its wonderful aroma. Spirits rarely presented in the form of sprays with a spray, which saves them the expense. These products - a very expensive and exquisite pleasure.

At a concentration of the perfume composition of about 10% at 90% alcohol has Perfume and Perfume . This product is a substitute of expensive spirits, it is more affordable and less pleasant quality.

And finally, the more widespread and available to any consumer, Eau de Toilette   the content of aromatic composition of 4 to 10% with 80-90% of alcohol.

Eau de toilette is inferior in resistance to the spirits and perfumed water - holding no more than 2-3 hours. Therefore, it had to spend more and it ends quickly. But the toilet water is easy to use (spray) is the variety of flavors, these products can be in different flasks from 30 to 100ml.

It should be noted that the fragrant pleasure that we experience takes place in several stages: the smell of the first note we feel when applying perfume on your skin. After about 30 minutes the scent begins to change and becomes the true flavor and a note is held for a few hours. After that, you can feel the base note, which lies at the heart of perfume. This note can be very stable and long on clothes. For example, spirits Maxmara from the Italian fashion house Max Mara are evocative, exciting and at the same time classic fragrance. The first note belongs aroma of citrus and ginger. The main note or note is the "heart" - flowers (magnolia, lily, orchid), as well as musk. The base note is the fragrance of exotic plants.

How to choose

The choice of flavors - rather complex and pleasant experience. When choosing for yourself perfume or eau de toilette fragrance is necessary to evaluate on the basis of how it will perceive your skin. A lovely bouquet of fragrance opens slowly, the heat of your skin. Perfume should be applied to the pulse zone or to those parts of the body that is constantly in motion, also the flavor can be maintained for long hair. But the summer is better to avoid applying scents on the exposed areas of the body. Since under the action of ultraviolet rays, you can get irritated.

  All faced a challenge: having tried several flavors, you know what smells merge, your sense of smell begins to wear off. There is a little secret - you can try to smell the aromas of coffee and come back.

Yes, acquiring such treasures need to know how to store them. Of course, you need to be tightly closed, and it is desirable to keep the perfume in a cool dark place. The sealed, where the flavors come from the manufacturer, the shelf life is 3 years from the manufacturing date. And do not have the habit of buying perfume in reserve or "let lie" scents do not last forever and have a feature over time lose its attractive smell.

To be continued...
Author: Anastasia Raikov