Fragrant tips
 Perfume - an accessory, the choice of which is based on certain skills. Despite the fact that this is just cosmetics, perfume fragrance, coming from you, should produce the right effect. Here are some tips that will help make the right purchase.

1. Do not touch perfume atomizer fingers! So the smell of your body just change the true perfume. Use a cotton tompon to put perfume on your skin.

2. When apply perfume, spray them on the ankle. Remember: always the aroma rises! Golden Rule - Apply a little perfume. Of course, you can always use a lot of spirits, but if it starts to rain, the whole fragrance evaporates.

  3. Try not to apply perfume to clothing or underwear - fabric can change the natural odor. Perfume should be applied directly to the skin and it is in those places where it will exude a delicate natural flavor.

4. Do not buy a perfume just because they smell amazing on your friend (friend). The aroma is always individual, he first of all depends on your own enzymes that give the skin of each person unique smell.

5. When you buy perfume, be careful not to try more than 3 types at once - your nose will no longer distinguish between the individual notes of fragrances. Inhale the aroma of cocoa beans, it frees your nose smells of unnecessary and you will be able to "taste" some more perfumes.

6.   To extend the use of your spirits, protect them from light and heat (it is desirable to store perfume in a locker in the bathroom, away from the dryer and hair iron).

Enjoy your shopping. Redolent of happiness!