Guide to the world of perfumes
 If you want to choose a flavor so that your image has been complete and perfect, the following tips will help you as well as have helped many.

Tip 1. Specialized shop will give you objective advice

If you are looking for something special, unusual, then jog for big perfume shop, such as, for example, in England - Les Senteurs in London, Roja Dove Perfumery in Edinburgh and House Of Fraser in Manchester. Such a method is ideal for those who do not know exactly what wants to buy; Here you will find all the famous branded collections as well as some exquisite little things that are usually offered for sale in the area of ​​Duty Free. In addition, the local staff will help to make a choice, based on your individual taste and preferences.

Tip 2. You are not required to accurately pronounce the name right you spirits

In this case, there is only one rule - do not try to accurately remember and reproduce the name, such as: Givenchy's new Ange Ou Demon or Agent Provocateur's Maîtresse - you can read as you are comfortable, and not, as required by certain rules of pronunciation. Maybe someone will tell you in the store, but even if not, the seller - it's the same person he always understand you, no matter how you call what you need.

3. The Council is absolutely fine if you need time to decide

Perfumes, experts say, like gourmet; long ago it became known that the better you will feel the aroma, if spend the night with him. Spray fragrance on the test strip and wait time. In no event it is impossible to smell immediately - you will feel only the smell of alcohol! You can just leave the shop together with strips of testers, but do not put them together, otherwise the flavors mix. When the alcohol out of steam, you can catch the fragrance notes: first, the main note - citrus or herbs, then the average - flowers, spices or fruit, and finally, the main note - wood, amber and vanilla. If after 24 hours of application spirits, you are left with the impression that this is your flavor - go for it!

Tip 4. Some spirits leave stains on clothing

Most perfumes today include artificial dyes that can stain clothing. Qualitative perfumery consists only of perfume, alcohol and water (if the toilet water). However, sometimes the quality perfumes, containing natural oils, too, can leave stains on clothes, so before applying perfume carefully read their composition.

Tip 5. Determine the tastes before buying

All fragrances are divided into three categories: flower - sweet, easy and relaxed, chypre - warm, dry, associated with wood and spices, oriental - soft, luxurious notes. Every professional counselor knows what flavors to which category - you will, to turn to for advice.

Tip 6. How do you apply fragrance and for what case he
It meant - a very important component of a correct choice

  If you like to put a large amount of flavor, choose scented or perfumed water - it is the easiest, but the flavor disappears by noon. If you need something long-playing, then apply perfume on your hands (wrist - at the place where the pulse is heard) - this will allow the flavor to hold for very long.

Tip 7. Keep perfume away from light and heat spot

Perfume is best kept in a cool, dark cupboard - so it will last you longer.

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