How to find its own unique flavor. Part 1
 Scientific studies have shown that your fragrance can say a man is much more than you thought. He will tell him about your preferences, eager. How to create the right impression?

Read this article, we will try to help you.

Regardless of your ability to deceive, there are smells that accentuate male attention on you. Scientists are trying to invent a perfume that can give a man a complete picture of you as a person, including the partner. " If your character matches the flavor, then you will make the right impression " - Says Jeanette Haviland, a professor of Human Emotions Lab at Rutgers University.


You can charm people instantly - your way to: a smile or other eye-catching quality.

The most suitable scents "fruity aromas energize" - says Greg Veren, scientific director of The Sense of Smell Institute. "These smells like peach and berries tend to attract attention and create a positive impression," - explains Susan Schiffman, a professor of medical psychology, Duke University, specializing in the impact of aromas.

How to apply fragrance:   to charm people, imagine yourself yoke. Apply a bit of perfume on the neck, chest and abdomen.

  "Perfumers usually combine fruit with coffee and chocolate" - says Marian Bendett, owner of Sixth Scents in Toronto. "And fruits and cocoa contain pyrazine - explains Shiffman - studies have shown that this is a very favorable combination of flavors."

At your service:   Miss Dior Chérie; American Beauty Wonderful; Cacharel Promesse.


You can charm people immediately: your way - to the temptation of others.

Pay attention to the flavors of spices, heavy stupefying oriental scents. "People unanimously characterize such smells as alluring" - says Greg Veren. "These spirits, usually containing nutmeg, musk and patchouli, very sexy, because they create the puzzle, enveloped in mystery," - says Susan Schiffman. "It evokes a sense of unknown, exotic places, a man who did not attend."

How to apply:   spray perfume on the inside of things, spread the fragrance throughout the body.

  "New Oriental spirits as heavy as cologne" - says Dawn Spencer Hurwitz, perfumer Colorado. Suzanne Schiffman recommends to apply such spirits carefully, with as it were creating their individuality.

To the east compositions include:   Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue After Five Eau de Parfum; Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum; Chanel Allure Sensuelle.

To be continued…