The woman who devoted today famous perfume.
 Under the inspiration of the female characters created many masterpieces in all genres of art. Today, women are dedicated to spirits.

Recent perfume Chanel - "Allure" were created Polzh Jacques (Jacques Polge), the main "nose" that is, the house perfumer Chanel inspired by the image of this woman.

Mughlai Anna (Anna Mouglalis) - Actress. On television, she just embodies Simone de Beauvoir in "Lover Flower"; in a movie recently played the role of Patricia - prostitutes in Rome high-flying '70s - in "Romanzo criminale" Michele Placido.

Face Shanel home since 2002, Anna Mughlai at the same time - the secret inspiration of a new perfume and a new line of handbags from Chanel.

Gold centuries, precious lipstick, eyelashes XXL. She thoroughbred beauty, akin to the one that inflamed sculptors of ancient Greece, the class in everything: clothes, hair, gestures - without the slightest negligence, the voice that is hard to forget the laughter that melts, look with some feline mystery.

Anna Mughlai: Create spirits under the influence of a particular image of women - is some kind of a surreal gesture! Translate your impression in brand perfume - it is also a very poetic idea, the more so in "Allure" are disturbing me personally direct hit: a serious note in the composition of smell - and low notes in my voice.

And then, I have Greek roots, and "Allure" - this oriental perfume, very sensual. I am very sensitive to smells, I react to them, even nervous when they disturb me. I even decided to start smoking, to dull my sense of smell.

The history of its relations with the house of Chanel began in 2001, when Anna met Karl Lagerfeld. He did then to the American magazine "Interview" photo gallery of French actors, musicians, writers.

He saw her in the film "Merci pour le chocolat" by Claude Chabrol (Claude Chabrol), and wished to make her portrait for the gallery. It was a conceptual meeting.

Anna Mughlai: Before him, I always had a strange feeling during photo shoots - an impression that I was forced to participate in the masquerade: I had to pretend that I'm beautiful, I'm sure of himself - it was always difficult for me.

Karl Lagerfeld saw me quite differently. He is amazing! He always comes up with an idea, a proposal, and it's fun! Many say that it is impressive, and I also agree with this: he has a very strong presence. He taught me not to try: we must act and try! When I do a picture with him, it is not about being beautiful or not beautiful, it is necessary that I was there, immediately and without preparation ... As for Karl, I never know what he expects from me . But one thing is certain: for him I never needed and does not need to build from a mannequin.

When I became the face of Chanel's home, I was asked to be an "intelligent person", if I may say so, and does not seek merely to an external effect. In all the photos for the house of Chanel, I - in the things that I choose myself, even for advertising campaigns.

What do you think about home Shanel?

A woman is never subject to Shanel. They create a very elegant clothes, but always practical and convenient.

Working as a "face of Chanel" - is different from the profession of actress?

I have the impression that you need to play a role at Chanel. I invited some space to exist. It's nice - be a person, inspiration and sometimes even sovetchitsey house Chanel - it allows me to be natural and not to be afraid of condemnation.