Your fragrance is too strong?
 Preference intense aroma can be a mistake.

If you use perfume, the best way of applying them - the average amount so as not to overdo it, but also put a sufficient amount of flavor.

The best criterion - a score of others, who, if the flavor is chosen correctly, it will be able to appreciate you, your character and life preferences.

Experts tell us how to properly apply the spirits so that they could fully "open" themselves and tell a lot about its owner.

The main rule - do not use too much perfume.   This may seem obvious, but many did not hesitate to spray perfume in the pulsating point, the hair in the chest and abdomen. Thus, there is an incredible cloud of fragrance, it is too much. "The French perfumer Annick Goutal has always said that the best flavor - a combination of personal qualities," - says Tom Kruchfild, general manager Etro Fragrances at Bergdorf Goodman, an expert with experience of about 20 years. Think about it, you decide: are you trying to make the right impression or alienate people from themselves. "You can give yourself a personal space, but it should not be too big."

Do not forget that you can not approach Chanel No. 5, although he was your favorite scent for years.

"When a person feels the breath of the fragrance, he admires and begins to think that he should do more spirits. But it does not mean more ". Kruchfild advises apply perfume on the neck (so you focus on your hair) on my knees (if you have a short skirt or dress) in the neck, on elbows. Note that the spirits are applied to the pulsating point, and the point should be open. "Some people spray perfume the air and pass through the cloud. But this technique does not always work, you leave all the flavor in a room ", - says Kruchfild.

" Choose the right fragrance.   Try to feel it for a whole day "- advises Rochelle Bloom, president of the Fragrance Foundation. Often new glamorous scents designed for night time, they are too heavy for a simple walk or a small room. For the office, choose a light floral, citrus and green notes of the perfume. Casting agent Caron Dubin engaged flavors in New York, divides spirits, as well as clothes for everyday (office) and evening. She prefers to buy small roller bottles without sprayer. "It's less intrusive than spraying, as you just touch the ball a little."

Be careful with the zones applying perfume.   Do not forget that you need to consider the interests of other people who are close to you during the day, so do not overdo it!

Demonstration of wine drinks and yoga class preclude the use of spirits in general. There are some situations in which the use of perfume is not recommended   some companies even give ultimatums on the use of perfume in the office, because some people are allergic.