Fear of old age: how to reconcile with nature?
 Perhaps, to some extent it is inherent in all people, but many women simply succumb under his burden. Each new wrinkle becomes an occasion for experience and can even drive them into depression. Such women from 18-20 years old are no longer celebrate their birthdays, and every new day is perceived as approaching old age. Imagination paints a portrait of a bent front of them wrinkly old woman.

Some are starting to buy "miracle creams" and others throw in all sorts of adventurous stories, so as not to lose time. Neither does not bring anything good.

And only the wise women understand that, yes, old age will come, but at any age has its own charm, and you just need to live, enjoying the everyday small pleasures.

Probably, not only in my tenth grade 1 class seemed just old ladies. Being older, many perceived the "old" twenty-five young people. And only a certain facet of going, we begin to understand that age and youth are often linked. You can be 20 years old and the youngest 80. In addition, you can grow up and grow old beautifully, keeping the face and figure.

 Fear of old age: how to reconcile with nature?

If you look around, you can see a lot of energetic tightened elderly women who live life to the fullest. They are engaged in yoga and running, go to the theater, all kinds of exhibitions and even go dancing in the retro style, and gain their personal happiness.

The elixir of eternal youth, despite the efforts of alchemists and scientists, was not found. But there are a lot of rules, tips using which we can slow down aging. Most of them are so simple and accessible, that many do not take them seriously.

We agree that genes, good heredity plays an important role. But scientists say, our health and the aging process by 85% dependent on us, which we have acquired habits that are harmful or helpful.

 Fear of old age: how to reconcile with nature?

For almost no one doubts that the thought is material and if it is to think often it becomes a reality. Therefore, to live happily ever after, staying healthy and young, you need to create a certain mood.   For longevity and youthfulness, you must install that each gives himself. For example, my neighbor said that she had to wait to marry the grandson and to nurse grandchildren. And she looks great for her age, and her energy and are the envy of a young girl.

Another friend of mine said - I have the money on plastic is not, so I will grow old slowly. And the most striking thing is that in the 60 years she has almost no wrinkles and skin smooth and soft as a young woman. So what is it that is really given to us by our faith.

Psychologists say that age makes no favorite work or hobbies that people lit from within. Moreover, creative people are constantly working brain, it receives the load and does not age. And from the brain depends on our appearance.

 Fear of old age: how to reconcile with nature?

Buttercups flowers ... Yes, yes. Scientists have discovered by observing the elderly that gardeners, gardeners, growers keep their fans not only energy, and the youthfulness.

According to psychologists, young people remain for a long time, not only dependent on someone else's point of view. They all have an opinion, and not imposing it to others themselves to adhere to it.

People living consciously, do not fall into a depression, and keeping the nerve cells, and retain a good appearance.

It is no secret that with age, so as not to gain weight and do not give yourself sores, there is less need to. So, not overeating, we maintain youthfulness.

Once a week, gerontologists recommend to spend fasting days, the cells quickly update.

 Fear of old age: how to reconcile with nature?

There are also products that preserve youthfulness. For example, in order to avoid wrinkles, it has useful nuts, liver, olive oil. Lean meat does not allow the skin becomes dry milk products support not only the tone of the skin, but also the whole organism. And of course, the fountain of youth are fruits and vegetables.

Not so long ago I found out that if the soup instead of potato add the lentils, you look younger than 5-7 years.

Younger than those women look like that instead of coffee drinking herbal teas.

It is known that after 30 years in the body are reduced growth hormones. Well, then, those who are engaged in at least a ten-day exercises, these hormones are still being produced.

The beauty also keeps dream. Doctors are now recommended for insomnia novopassit. The old doctor of habit, valerian. But the wise healers recommend a night drink warm milk with honey, and when night comes, not only dream, but also beauty.

In order to stay longer young, should sleep in a cool room and even in the cold weather, the bedroom before going to bed should be aired.

 Fear of old age: how to reconcile with nature?

And still retains youth love. Find yourself a couple is never too late. Late is the love of a young woman easy on the eyes.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva