Girl's Best Friend - Diamonds
 This catch phrase from the song known to many, it quoted the journalists about his hint ladies gentlemen ... But, how much do we know about the actual diamonds?

There are facts that are worth to know.

• Diamonds come in different colors
Most popular - white or transparent. The most sexy - black diamond. But not only these two shades of a color palette limited to diamonds. There are colored diamonds, they are less prestigious, less popular, but there are seasons when they become especially trendy: blue, dark blue, pink and even yellow.

• Diamonds are not just for decoration
Despite the fact that diamonds are used for jewelery jewelers for many many years, it was not always. First of all, diamonds (rough diamonds) have always been appreciated for the exceptional hardness. It is possible to use them as tools for cutting, engraving and polishing precious stones. To this day, diamond-coated tools - the most reliable (either metal or stone). By the way, when you order a new studio sunglasses, you know, for the treatment of lenses and fitting them to the size of the rim specialist uses a diamond blade. So even the girls who do not like jewelry, there is reason to say that diamonds - their best friends.

• De Beers - the largest brand marketing diamonds
De Beers sells diamonds and controls 70% of the diamond market. The company's founder - Cecil Rhodes, a very lucky mister!

 Girl's Best Friend - Diamonds

• Diamonds - not as rare as it seems
And it seems this is mainly thanks to the skillful marketing of diamond brands. Nature, of course, is in no hurry to reproduce diamonds. Age most of them - from two to three billion years. But this does not mean that the new diamond in the world will not, and there are only a limited number of which is now featured in the market. Companies producing diamond hedged. In addition, each year new diamonds are mined, there is a stock at the manufacturer. They are specially produced each year on the market a limited number of diamonds on the market, and a large number of holding back in their bins. This is done so that the diamonds grew up in price, and create a sense of scarcity of these stones.

 Girl's Best Friend - Diamonds

• The largest diamond - a celestial body
"I'll give you a star" - men love to talk ... The next time you specify, maybe he can give a star in the constellation Centaurus? It was there formed a special heavenly body, which is a carbon crystal, and it is none other than as raw material for diamonds. And how much this star? Answer dumbfounded: 10 million trillion trillion carats.

• Artificial diamonds are as good as natural
And, unfortunately, the same way as natural. It is not a forgery, namely the cultivation of real diamonds. Just do not have to wait billions of years, and the whole process takes only a few days. The technology is complex and expensive, based on years of study and research. Cultured diamonds also shine and sparkle. But diamonds at an affordable price, alas, is not the case. Do not believe the "shop on the couch." There are only a fake.

• Ring with diamond on her engagement - a marketing gimmick
Paparazzi all over the world know that a diamond ring on the hand of a celebrity - a sure sign held Engagement .  These rings were analyzed, discussed, once the public understands that the betrothal took place .  But diamonds gave an engagement is not always .  All because of back Marketing .  In 1930 De Beers has wished America to radically reconsider its attitude towards diamonds .  It hired an advertising agency N . W .  Ayer & Son, which successfully promoted the idea of ​​using diamonds for a new target audience .  If earlier it was the honorable ladies and gentlemen, it is now much younger audience diamonds .  Diamonds have become the most romantic way to talk about their feelings, confess his love, and to offer his hand and heart .  PR materials on the diamonds as a special stones in a woman's life spread in the newspapers and gossip column began to allocate these stones and jewelry with them when they talked about celebrities .  Movies with a melodramatic plot and replicate this stereotype: if an engagement ring - the only diamond .  Now you know who benefits from it?

 Girl's Best Friend - Diamonds

Do the diamonds a special role in your life? It did not. But be careful, alert marketers, they will not allow that precious stones were forgotten.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin