How to beat the blues
 Here your attention will be offered several ways to combat the blues, which is quite acceptable and available.

Find something for everyone
Nothing is so exhilarating as the occupation favorite thing in my spare time. Remember: what you like to do as a child? Maybe draw or make applications, collect the designer or read a book. The answer may be a few. Listen to their wishes. At home, in your family, you can afford a lot. It is possible that the weaving of beads, origami, ikebana art or popular technique brought together the whole family, will split the hobby and perhaps achieve tangible results in it.

However, if you want to stay in solitude, do not deny yourself this. Wrapped in a fluffy warm blanket and sitting on the couch with your favorite book, you can mentally travel between countries and fictional worlds, tracking events, watch movies, sunken into the soul. Or just sit quietly, listening to music close to you, fingering prayer beads and thinking about eternity. In short, the choice - for you!

Start moving
Try not immediately reject this option. After all, nobody forces to run a marathon or pull forty-pound weights. Everything should be in moderation, more than that - move should bring pleasure. Yes, feeling tired, I want to always be in a horizontal position. But, try to stretch, how to stand up, move around, dancing. You will notice that improves mood. Muscles, responding to the motion, come in tone, filling the body with energy and vigor.

If you and the sport - the two parallel lines that never meet, then sign up for a dance. Spinning in the movements of a waltz or a passionate tango singing, sparking a rock 'n' roll or mastering fancy dancing, you forget and think about the blues! Dancing - not for you? Well, suit swimming in the pool or water aerobics. It is noticed that the grief and sadness completely dissolve in water. It is enough to attend classes a couple of times, as the legs themselves will lead you in the right direction, so that the blues absolutely nothing left.

Bring in your life color
Impact of color helps to restore emotional balance, being a major factor in healing many different diseases. To eliminate the autumn blues great choice juicy details of the interior or clothing orange, yellow, green and red. Will it be a colorful folder on your desktop, a bouquet of flowers, a postcard or a funny gadget - you decide. Ask the children to decorate the colored refrigerator door magnets, hang new curtains in the kitchen or buy napkins with cheerful pictures - life will become a lot more fun!

Select your flavor
It has long been observed that the smells are able to return a person self-confidence and inner balance, a charge of optimism, as they improve mood, helping to fight diseases.

Taking a morning shower, use a gel with the scent of orange and peppermint. These odors invigorate and sharpen focus. During the day, inhale the aroma of essential oils of spruce, lemon, sage, thyme, roses, verbena and juniper - they increase the efficiency and banish fatigue away. If you can not carry a bottle of oil - moisten a handkerchief in a mixture of five parts of fatty oils or alcohol and one part essential oil. Intermittent inhalation of the perfume will eliminate the excessive irritability. Pick flavor to your taste - and good humor you provided.

Include in the diet foods for the mood
During the spleen usually want something sweet. From the table literally sweep bread, candy and cookies. Nothing but the extra kilos, it will not do. Better to stick bad mood oranges and grapefruit. Orange fruit will help to get rid of nervousness and depression. Bananas and dark chocolate can help to focus and improve memory, tune into a working harmony. All dairy products, especially cheese, because of the substances contained tryptophan, can make us calm and happy.

Spices, such as paprika, curry, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom are also designed to enhance the mood and immunity. Listen to the scientists say: add to the diet at least twice a week, fish and seafood, a handful of seeds or nuts, turkey meat, a little figs or dates - and you forget the blues road.

Do not forget about water
Despite the fact that the hot summer behind, on water should not be forgotten. Adult needs per day to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water. Drinks containing caffeine can not replace the water - they often act as a diuretic and promote dehydration. Good brew herbal teas, for example, with currant leaves, St. John's wort, marjoram. Choose fragrance in tune with your temperament, and enjoy every sip of tea useful.

Get closer to your favorite
More often hug and kiss its second half, recalling that love is strong as before. Coming home from work, pay attention to the children and enjoy their company, listening to the sweet talk and the "terrible secrets." You can cook a tasty dish, bake a cake, or, in extreme cases, buy a cake and candy and please visit parents. Call your friends and make an appointment for the next weekend. Believe me, the blues, there are many medicines and folk remedies, but nothing heals better than love. Let it always lives in your heart!
Author: Tanistaia
Source: PovarŅ‘