Love myself. The reasoning of the mirror about lofty matters ....
 Where to begin? With the mirror!
  With treacherous, cynical and arrogant! From the mirrors, the question is: "I only weapon in the light of all the sweeter? ... And rosy and whiter? "Proskripit voice etched poison:
"What are you, my dear, now the wrong side up? Why on earth? Come to your senses, and look around! Just do not lie to yourself!
Do not you sweet,
Do not blush,
Not white ....
Anyway ....
Pale, thick, amorphous and faceless ... ..
And basically, that to blame the mirror, if .... "

... .Well, And then you know ...

  No, this is nothing new! How many times have we read that it is necessary to wake up with a great mood and even better mood, looking at himself only in the mirror, say, like a mantra: "I am very, very, very ..."

But no one does not believe it! No one wants to love yourself fat, bloated, with bags under his eyes. Yes, we lie and do not want to imagine too! Who are we kidding? A rhetorical question!

Is because 120 times to repeat the "I'm beautiful," you become more beautiful? Yes, you will become! But only if you believe in it from the beginning! And if you do not believe, if reality is the opposite of arrogant affirmations - the mood will be even worse! Kilograms are not going anywhere, and the folds at the waist does not go away by themselves!

 Love myself. The reasoning of the mirror about lofty matters ....

I read a few articles on the subject, which the authors say that it is necessary to love yourself any: any different, then life will sparkle with bright colors! And I also wrote about it. But there is one thing. If I love myself ANY, I-it helps in life. But if you do not love yourself in any way, how do you help my advice to "love yourself any"? NO! Well, do not you love yourself colon! And you do not want to love! And not like NEVER!

The authors, urging you to say that you should realize the fact that if you were not so fat, it would not you: You would not have a set of their individual traits. That is the basis of this logic, my extra 40 kilos - this is my personality that I should fall in love, and must love other people as soon as feel that I really love their extra weight. Yes? Why did it happen?

And then I realized that when I write about this topic, you need to decipher their thoughts, because they are not obvious!

Thus, the authors say: love yourself anyone for what you have, for the reason that your weight, your running health, your loose skin, groomed heels unfinished Institute, abandoned projects, complicated relationships, boring leisure - this is you !

Nothing like this! This is the same nonsense as the lie that whispers to you your mirror!

 Love myself. The reasoning of the mirror about lofty matters ....

I say the opposite: your weight - it's not you, your past mistakes - do not you, your illness, your fears, your pain and your appearance - it's not you!

Once again, your appearance - it's not you! Your long nose - not you, your full hips - not you!

For this reason, you have the right to love yourself! You - that completely and naturally without the husk and without blemish. You - is the core of what makes your identity. It is difficult to reach, but it's there! You - the fire, there is your soul, the basis of which - an eternity and love. You - what can not be expressed in words, and the more thrust into the narrow sheath corresponding to someone's judgment. You - a set of the best of what nature gave you, and that you can preserve and develop, of what have missions. You - are individual and unique, you - part of the universe and its light! When you make a mistake, you see that the bug has only a part of your self. As your disease - they belong to a part of your self. Often it is not the best part ... your age - it is only a facet of your soul. Inside myself, I'm sure you do not feel these restrictions and this is the image that you see in the mirror!

To love yourself, take the first step: to recognize its uniqueness and perfection by definition. Do not believe the mirror and believe that everything is changing, and your heart is unshakable, your grain - SOUL! Become an impostor: tell yourself, yes, I see in the mirror a woman with obesity, but it was not me! I - that which is perfect!

Please acknowledge your perfection, if not the result, what they see in the mirror, then a plan of your existence. Let this simple idea will be the beginning of your way to yourself!
Author: kamlat