You have your own beauty philosophy?
 What is beauty philosophy? This is what you believe. Have your beauty philosophy of rewarding. Then you'll be treated to daily manipulation of skin care and make-up as a routine or his heavy cross. On the contrary, it will become your secret, you will pass by inheritance granddaughters.

Create your rules work for you. Repeat them to yourself as a mantra and be inspired by them. Write your laws of beauty, placing their own priorities. We wrote his philosophy of beauty, or a set of "golden" rules , Which we hope will inspire you.

1. Beauty is not expensive
We are all crazy about luxury brands of cosmetics, but also in a conventional drugstore or supermarket has a very effective product! Of course, you know that the classic blue jar of Nivea cream seen on the dressing table and Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton? But this cream is no more than 200 rubles. Pharmacies buy natural vegetable oils - this is the best moisturizer for face and body. Then, each brand has a budget of some old-product, ie, the most-most. Find him. And gather his collection budget, but quality makeup. For example, I believe that such old L'Oreal products can be called a shadow from Maybelline - Mascara have Bourjoise - lip gloss. I have the best of everything, but do not pay a lot of money for it.

2. Hydration, hydration and moisturizing again
Most skin problems can be avoided if the skin moisturized. It is better to forget to buy a trendy shade of lipstick, but never forget about moisturizers and serums. Additional help will be oil, as well as proper washing. Do not wipe the moisture after the water treatment, apply the cream directly on the wet skin, and all the water droplets fall into the top layer of skin. This method of applying the cream on wet skin cream helps to better slide without moving the skin. However, in the winter moisture on wet skin is only possible at night, before going into the cold to do so not worth it.

 You have your own beauty philosophy?
 3. There is no universal means
There is no product that would work for everyone equally. There are funds accepted by the majority, but still it does not mean that you can safely rely on the opinion of the majority, especially because the skin we all have their own, and the results will be customized. Therefore, even in such a case as a fashion and beauty (like that held in the glossy advertising and delights) their opinion does not hurt. Do not trust advertising unconditionally not get fooled by the view of stars, looking for only their preferences.

4. Regular maintenance brings results
Russians like to repeat the phrase "There are no ugly women, there are women lazy." I do not like the expression. However, the essence of it is clear and confirmed by the experience of each of us. When nothing is done to the skin - nothing changes. When you do not lazy to care - then you have a chance to see the results. Beauty is subjective, but the concept of "well-groomed skin" completely objective.

 You have your own beauty philosophy?
 5. Be gentle with your skin and hair
Do not rub, do not torment the hair dryer and tongs, do not drain the pool and the sun. No skin, no hair is not like such rude attitude. And the people, too! "Kind words and nice cat", and the skin and hair, no less, and perhaps more, require a gentle attitude. Once a week to arrange fasting days, not only for the stomach but for the person: no makeup, and only natural cosmetics.

6. Sun controlled
The sun breaks down, and yet the contrary is proved, we will be with particular attention to treat him. Protect your skin and not only sunscreen, do not forget about the ban on the sun's rays in the daytime, do not hesitate to go with glasses, hats, umbrellas. Cheap sunscreen is often much more expensive than the most expensive Luxury anti-age serum.

7. aging gracefully
What does it mean? Use any of the products and advice, anti-aging, but age-related changes take his calm and appreciated. Ultimately, all of our lines - is the result of our life, and we take our lives, we do not regret anything.

 You have your own beauty philosophy?
 8. Examine your skin
You can not have perfect skin, there is no 100% or 100% fat dry each section requires special attention. Learn it and apply. That is suitable for skin professionals, they razlinovyvayut face on small plots and analyzed. Pick makeup for your skin type. The make-up is the same. Find the part of the person that you like (eyes, lips) and beat her.

9. Dream - the best beauticians
And even the best doctor and a psychologist. Good sleep, night's sleep - so you can add. After all, many of us like to stay at the computer after midnight. And yet, the best sleep for beauty must begin before the new day.

10. The most important thing Without which it is impossible to go out - no make-up, and hair styling and ordinary ... smile . Sincere and friendly. That's really really basic tool transforms any woman. And the most affordable!

Say you have the rules for the skin? Share with them. What is your beauty philosophy?
Author: Olga Larsen