3 relukinga principle - a professional look at our appearance
 Relooking - it is translated to English - a new look. A relatively new trend in cosmetology and aestheticism appearance. Previously, experts relukingu - relukery - were available only to the stars, and now they sink to the normal people. This service is offered today, both at home and in many beauty salons.

Small lesson relooking.

Three stages of the key changes.

In the living room of his new client, Zhalmen Nadine (Nadine Jalmain), «beauty coach" Paris reluker listens attentively considering a middle-aged lady with a huge ring on her finger.

Concept Jacqueline consider all facets of our carefully and choose something unique that there is only us. In this dialogue, one on one ("one to one"), more appropriate to consider, understand and propose necessary professional know-how and a lot of psychology. At the same time focused and relaxed, reluker must enter the world of another person to understand his excitement, his enthusiasm to gradually create a new look. Changing the appearance on the order can not depend on

Professional Relooking 3 based on exact methods.

Step 1: Coordination of colors:

Principle: Reluker played on revising our color palette to color (shade and light) of the skin and hair to emphasize our uniqueness.

Practically: The method is to put different fabrics before our person to see the reflection on our skin. "Compare light, dark, check that you are the best. Some colors can give you a tired, others have refreshing, light" - says Nadine Zhalmen.

Consultation continues to make-up lessons, where reluker recommends shades that can emphasize it is our face. Each - their own special.

No eccentricity, make thin and fine, and mostly easy to implement, so we can do it again themselves. This first stage ends with cutting hair, and of course their color, which takes into account skin pigmentation and eye color. As a difference to the hairdresser? Inside, we are asked, "What do you want?". Here it is, we ask "How do you see me?"

Step 2: The new style of clothing.

Principle: Clothing dresses us with the great unmasking. Fabric, color, style - these sources, it is the information field is going to intervene at this stage reluker. He chooses for us "our" things, and accuses "strangers" in our wardrobe.

Practically: Client front of the mirror - a seemingly easy, but not always an easy step. "Everyone should feel that they listen and consider, without the slightest sign of conviction and not in order to revive its complexes" explained Nadine Zhalmen.

We consider the smallest details: sloping shoulders and lower the buttocks, for example. All this causes a sympathetic account relukera.

His goal? Raise our self-worth, taking into account the physical parameters and our way of life (the mother of the family, athlete, business woman). And so begins a strange dance in front of the cabinet where reluker begins to juggle with long jackets, volumes and fabrics. With its accompanying commentary: "If you are small growth removed from her wardrobe large woolen fabrics that will strangle you, and choose the thin material." Finding a style together is fun as a child's game. Even for the most serious businessmen.

We are not talking about how to renew your wardrobe entirely, abandoning the urn unwanted veshi, but rather about how to install the new basic principles of our clothes.

Step 3: Gestures.

Principle: As we shake hands like sit, inputs, outputs - our gestures and our movement we talk a lot about. This signals that we send, without even opening his mouth, are observed and scrutinized specialist-relukerom. The latter optimizes the neustnye our means of communication.

  Practically: You become a model, dummy, which shows not his clothes and himself. You go, you walk around, you sit down and reluker notes small flaws that should be corrected.

"This is often gait - socks inside, or, conversely, too strong, ballet Unscrew stop" - says Nadine Zhalmen. It seems to be nothing serious, but still it matters. Or waving his arms while walking or simple ignorance of the rules, how nice to get out of the car. After relukera you should not remain anything - indistinct.

" In man, everything should be fine! "- He tells me goodbye Jacqueline, and I understand that the idea of ​​Anton Chekhov gets today unexpectedly practical expression ...