6 steps to the red carpet
 Each of us had ever dreamed of, to be on the red carpet and look irresistible. What if translate dreams into reality and try to match the glamorous style of celebrities? In this article we have compiled some tips that may be useful to you.

Step 1. Determine your star style

First of all, choose something that emphasizes all your dignity. With makeup, you can experiment a bit, changing the color shade of lipstick or shadows.

Step 2: "Oscar" for eyes

Underestimating the eye make-up - it is a very big mistake. Eyes - mirror of the soul, so they have to fascinate people. Note that the shape of the eyebrows is important, so you should ensure that the eyebrows are neat and elegant. Do not skimp on eye make-up time, it is a very important point of your external charm.

Step 3. Dissatisfied smile

An important role is also played by selection of lipstick or gloss. It is their tone and color will allow you to become skromnyazhkoy, surly or fury. Listen to the advice of experts, if possible carefully select the lipstick for each event.

Step 4. Select hairstyles

Decide what hairstyle suits your face shape and what you should do styling. Also it is necessary to choose the means specifically for your hair type. Be cautious: it is possible, some moisture will make your hair curl, you may be not ready for this, choosing the straight strands for this evening.

Step 5. Accessories

After the main part of the preparations completed, look for such a thing as a decoration. You can stab irresistible hair pins or invisible. In addition, it should pay attention to the choice of earrings, necklace and bracelet. Can cause flickering spray or hair gel or the whole body.

Step 6. Velvet hands

Finally, remember that well-groomed hands - is also part of the impression you make on people. Take a manicure, it will add elegance nails. If your nails for some reason you are not satisfied, do buildup.

Here, perhaps, all that you need to pay attention in the first place. Good luck!