How not to appear "blonde"?
 No, not in the article will talk about the efficient repainting hair color expression "blond" in some other, less radical tone. Today we'll talk about how to look smarter in the eyes of others. In fact, the art of producing the impression of an intelligent man is not so unfathomable. Listen below to the advice of experts, and the result will not be long in coming. Thank intelligent man you will be guaranteed! We try?

At first Constantly replenish your vocabulary nonstandard words and expressions of interests and eat in their conversation aphorisms. Always try to replace the common word by its synonym, which is used less frequently. It is proved that the people who use the word "herd" (instead of "parts"), "cheat" (instead of "cheating"), "traditional" (instead of "usually"), "boost" (instead of "rush"), "vector "(instead of" direction ") and the like, the impression smart.

Secondly Remember that even in a conversation on the phone more impressive is not what you say but how you say it. Informative part of our speech pulls over only 38% of impressions of our interlocutor. While our vocals, rhythm, tone and speed of voice - account for the remaining 62%. Therefore, always sounded confident. Some gaps in the topic of conversation is easy veiled hardness of your voice.

Third If your job is to pass smart in person, remember that your confident movements, hardness, but unobtrusive look, preppy look will tell you more about your own words. Remember that 55% of the overall impression of you pulls on your appearance and body language, 38% - confidence of your vocals, and only 7% - what are you talking about the opponent.

Fourthly , Confidence and, therefore, in the eyes of the mind, will give a snow-white smile. It is much easier to stretch out in the welcoming smile, knowing that teeth appear to others is now in excellent condition and will flash white. And because in the conquest of surrounding your mind plays an important role in time visited dentist.

Fifthly , Wearing a gray, purple or violet flavored. Such an ensemble is considered the most elegant and most intelligent way associated with the person. Complete your wardrobe with "smart" accessories. It turns out that some lecturers come to the audience in glasses, not because they have a flawed view, but in order to seem smarter!

Sixthly , Talking fast. There is a stereotype that the smart people are seething with ideas and arguments, so the vocabulary of these flow and flows. They should not be afraid to keep up with the speed of his thoughts, and therefore it will seek to publish. We have this script only on hand. Therefore, we accelerated in speech and automatically cease to appear to others "blondes".

Seventhly If to say, in fact, simply nothing, then listen to the interlocutor and ask open-ended questions. Ie those questions that do not involve the terse answer "yes" or "no", and more detailed and informative. This strategy will allow you to pass for a person of interest, and so smart. You're using open-ended questions, in fact, be able to understand the subject and to be savvy on this topic in the future.

Eighth More likely to repeat a conversation, "I understand." To your opponent is a kind of subliminal suggestion, the mantra. You listen, you know - the mind is clear.

Ninth Do not fuss, do not make a lot of movement without fingering the handle, etc. items. All of this gives you in uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and therefore the absence of mind. Keep a low profile, moderate Motion, keep your posture straight, do not assume a closed posture (folded his arms, etc.)

B-tenths Do not forget before you begin to speak, to breathe. Voice expiratory sounds much more comfortable and confident, and thus gives the impression of a smart host. Talking on a breath - a common rhetorical sin.

Here are some simple techniques for building its "smart" way. Try to at least some of the above tips on yourself and make sure no one in your party will be able to breathe a rebuke: "In a word - the blonde! ".
Author: Natalia Hryshko