Internal and external
 It's no secret that our inner world affects our appearance. Positive emotions, good mood, self-confidence make a woman young and attractive. But, unfortunately, many of our women live safely prevent many complexes, some of which originate from childhood, while others are even some national trait, the legacy of patriarchal society.

Take for example the fairy tale "Jack Frost." It is a good hard-working, obedient girl Nastya for everyone working from morning to night, no one contradict ... Frost asked, "Do you not cold, beautiful," Nastya, almost turned into an icicle, meekly replied: "Heat, grandfather ..."

Any other would have long since caught pneumonia and Nastya is attached. What grandfather and gives her dowry. What was on the fate of Nastya - can only guess ... probably bent from morning to night in the field, taking care of the cattle, the house again on her, plus her husband and children ...

Work, of course, turned a monkey into a man, but no hard work is not rewarded and rejuvenated health. Another thing - a favorite work, or at least well-paid. And ideally creative work.

Dowry again are nothing new ... Nowadays, more valued dowry the groom - if he has any property, what salary and career growth is expected there ... So, modern girls and women for peace of mind a fairy tale "Jack Frost" is not appropriate.

Another thing - the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Princess and the Pea." All will remember that in this tale tells of a princess who fell under the rain, soaked and knocked on the first comer royal palace to ask for the night. Her empty, but instead to give the poor thing as a good night's rest, the mistress of the castle the Queen Mother, wanting to know whether she was a real princess, a guest slipped a few soft featherbeds pea. Naturally, the poor tormented all night and not sleep eyes.

Now imagine that the question of the queen, whether she had slept well, the princess would have said "good mother, a good korolevushka" ... And where would she, I ask, has appeared? Outside the gates of the castle, certainly. And I would not see her prince as their ears.

 Internal and external
   What follows from this? First of all, if something is not like something weighs, not happy, not to think "tolerate, but do not offend the person to keep the relationship." It is usually not the case. Unfortunately or fortunately, not all of us, and psychics to read the thoughts of others can not. And the person just does not know you are satisfied with this situation or not. And if someone intentionally uses your fear to speak openly, it will continue to act in the same way, regardless of your wishes.

And resentment toward others and himself, throwing, feelings inevitably affect the appearance of women. Therefore, if something does not suit, you just say so. This rule works in all cases benefit. A relationship between a man and a woman it can replace the use of any love elixir.

It is often women, and even women, believe that the beloved, the husband would have to anticipate their desires. Maybe he is obliged to, but, alas, does not have such powers. Therefore it is better unobtrusive, maybe inadvertently, and sometimes directly, to tell about their desires. This also applies to intimate questions. To maintain the relationship, it is necessary to talk to each other.

Not leaving unexplained relationships and unspoken desires, the woman will keep harmony in his inner world and, consequently, the health and beauty for years to come.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva