Know thyself. Aphrodite and Psyche in us. Continued
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... Here we are, standing before the next challenge in life, ready to give up, but our femininity, contained in any wisdom, it does not allow. Remember how after the ball Margarita Satan made his choice. She was invited to ask for everything she wants. But the desire for one. She led by his honesty, asked to stop feeding scarf Frida. The more she could not ask. But Woland, not wanting to cash in on the levity of the Queen of the ball, again offers her to do what he had promised, and she asks him not much is not enough, and return it to her lover, that is, breaking another barrier, it seeks to regain paradise.

So in our lives. After the first test and matured, we must strive to get what they want more calm and not upset the balance of his own conscience. With regard to restrictions (how much to take and how much power to use force in this case) does not exist as long as she remains faithful to her female identity.

In the third task, Aphrodite ordered Psyche to fill a crystal pitcher of water from the Styx. Styx - a river of life and death, it has a very fast flowing and dangerous shore. It helps her eagle, draw water from the river. The third mission represents the ratio of women to the diversity and abundance of life in the existing opportunities of which we have an eagle eye to behold is that more acceptable to us and safely. Women's substance dissolved in a variety of existing opportunities in life and strives to implement all doing this at the same time. But this is impossible, for any one person can not do everything at once.

The fourth task Psyche Aphrodite told to go down to the underworld and ask for a vessel with a magic ambrosia of the goddess Persephone, ruler of the underworld, eternal virgin, masters miraculous transformations. It would seem impracticable task for a mere mortal, but his girlfriend is not satisfied.

When it was done, Psyche, out of curiosity looked at the vessel, but nothing there to see, fell dead asleep. Who came to the aid of his beloved Eros, son of Aphrodite, his magic arrow and took the ashes of a dead sleep. He, by his love for her, just everything. The moral here is that from the incompleteness and lack of demand for the spiritual life can be saved only love.

The last task Psyche - the most important and profound progress on the path of personal growth of women. Not everyone is ready to go through it, but if you is not acceptable, it is better to stay there, so as not to lose their identity.

 Know thyself. Aphrodite and Psyche in us. Continued

The truth is somewhere near
When a woman brings her grace and beauty in the world, it is evidence of the influence of the internal energy of Aphrodite (or Venus). But if Aphrodite is with his daughter in the conflict, she is jealous, intransigence and at every step of repairing Psyche obstacles. This drama between mother-in-law and characteristic of every culture; it contributes to the personal development of each young woman. To cope with the power-law for it - means to achieve female maturity. From this point it is no longer a dewdrop, naive ranked in the world and to marry.

Very often, at the time the new think that there was something very terrible, but soon we begin to understand what happened just exactly what was required. Aphrodite, which you can blame the time, however, creates the necessary conditions for the evolution of Psyche. It's easy to be optimistic after the event took place, but damn hard when it just happens.

The Master and Margarita found their paradise, thanks to the most Margaret. She passed her spiritual growth and gained immortality. The same thing happens with the modern woman. After his spiritual path to the end, we can feel the charm of femininity, interwoven with wisdom. All the great work of Psyche and her suffering is to transform the existing originally naive charm in perfect divine consciousness. That is the truth: to be a real woman, you need to overcome all obstacles, to know yourself.

This evolution of women's spirituality, presents a new generation of women other horizons possibilities of finding inner balance, which we so often lacking. The struggle of male and female in us - a very difficult and thorny path to not enlightened. Men present in a woman, as well as in the male and female and have similar influences. The meaning of being a woman is not to dress up in dresses and in the fact that, knowing their true nature, to preserve femininity.

We repeatedly encounter the same pitfalls, sometimes walking in circles. But winning this battle, we will get a great education, which is the name of enjoyment. It was so named Psyche daughter, born in alliance with Eros. At the same time, projecting the myth of modern life, we should not delude ourselves. Myths - a reflection of the collective image; they contain and bring to us the universal truth. Today, many associate Eros (aka Cupid, aka Cupid) with sexuality, but he lets his arrows not in the genitals, and in the heart.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova