Learn the basics of adolescent girls beauty
 Remember how, even in school, we watched parents, older sisters learned to live as they did the first steps in this new, eventful and impressions adulthood? And how much time we paid appearance! It's so wanted to look grown-up, "playing" different roles, somewhat different from the other, or vice versa, to emulate their idols.

Perhaps soon you'll have (or have you need to) teach their children the basics of beauty. What should be taken into account in the first place?

With a huge variety of decorative and caring means teenage girls today need to know that the selection of cosmetics should be treated responsibly. "Adults" creams can harm young skin, and the so-called masking agent on a beautiful smooth face look unnatural.

The best solution at this age - a light makeup that accentuate the natural beauty and tenderness of the skin. But matting creams, masks, and other tonal foundations better to leave, so to speak, then. So face longer the young and preserve the natural elegance.

In addition, adolescent girls sometimes worth supporting, that surplus cosmetics and too bright makeup makes them older, but the main "highlight" that attracts boys at this age is a young look and natural elegance.

 Learn the basics of adolescent girls beauty
   Adolescence - this is also the tumultuous experiments. You can experiment with clothes, but certainly not in school - should explain to teenage girls during lessons schoolgirl look more attractive and adults in the school uniform business. But for walks with friends, discos and other fun activities, you can pick up something unusual and bright. Especially in our time, designers offer many options for outfits for different age categories. At this age, you can afford to wear any style, with original patterns. Therefore, if you have the financial capacity, you can let your child look unusual change. After all, they are older, many women with a clearly defined style of clothing. Perhaps these experiments will help youth in the future to achieve perfection in everything.

Experiments can be manifested in the use of various youth accessories. Jewellery, sequins, all kinds of styling gels ... The range of tools that allow teenagers today stand out among the crowd, to be compelling and bright, enormous. And in an effort to experiment, kids can spend a lot of money on these fancy gadgets. The task of parents - just touch up, supporting, develop a sense of taste. After all, who, like any mother will tell you what the bracelet and earrings is better to choose a new dress, and for what measures can be used to glitter body and hair, and in any case, better to keep it?

Youth experiments - it also attempts to change the appearance. Now the trend has become quite fashionable hair coloring, dyeing and so on.. Sometimes for special occasions girls aspire to create the effect of sunburn in the middle of winter or to buy long false eyelashes to be the most spectacular among the bridesmaids. Besides, trying to stand out, "children" can go on a more serious steps in the future could have a negative impact on health (eg, piercings or tattoos). How to protect them from the insensible actions?

 Learn the basics of adolescent girls beauty
 For the mother, it is very important to maintain a trusting relationship with her teenage daughter, become for it (at least temporarily) a good friend, to which it will listen . If you are interested in hobbies daughter, she will tell you about their plans to come to you for advice. And you, as an older and more experienced mentor, will be able to explain in a calm conversation that frequent staining can damage the hair and make them unattractive, and some cosmetic procedures only seem harmless and often create the opposite effect.

Remember, too, that the teenage mentality includes another important trend. In this transition period, the children actively "take over" in adults and all their friends - both good and bad habits. By the way, psychologists, most countries are now working on the problem of preventing the spread of harmful habits in teenage groups. But above all, she believes, if the mother or older sisters to explain to her that smoking and alcohol kills youth. A smoking in the early years - a lot of problems in adulthood. Because of the appearance of this age are thinking in the first place. In addition, you can explain and show by example that it is now fashionable not to smoke, and a healthy lifestyle allow to become a successful, happy and preserve youth and beauty.
Author: Alla Pilipenko