Like alcohol, smoking and sunbathing affect your face. Part 3: The habit of sunbathing
 Prints of the sun on your skin can serve not only sunburn but also freckles, different spots, change the natural color of the skin, open pores and damaged veins, and it is not always possible to correct.

Ultraviolet radiation destroys elastin and collagen, which protect the skin from various wrinkles (especially around the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth). "The aging of the skin - it is non-random process," - says Professor Brian Diffie, a specialist in the field of protection against sun damage and prevent cancer caused by ultraviolet rays. "If you spend time in the sun, you'll look older."

Deep damage

"One of the twelve women during their lifetime develops skin cancer," - says Professor Diffie. "Malignant melanoma (black cancer) - the most dangerous form of skin cancer, it is caused by excessive exposure to the sun, the most common form of skin cancer is caused by the abuse of tan." For the protection and preservation of health, it is necessary to abandon the manic depending on the sun, which causes damage to health.   Professor Diffie predicts an increase in skin cancer in the next 30 years, due to the fact that the new generation does nothing that is in the sun (our ancestors were much less likely to take a sun bath). Women who develop cancer of the skin, all the younger: they now age 15 to 30.

Good news

The sooner you reduce the impact of the sun on your skin, the younger and healthier it will look. The statistics confirm that sun exposure is most dangerous at the age of 21, is incorrect. Following it, a lot of women 30-40 years did not fear for their health. But research by Professor Diffie showed that children should spend more time outdoors. Children who spent his childhood in the room next field trips and sunbathing will be much more dangerous. The sooner you begin to monitor your sun exposure, the better for your health. Back time, you certainly did not turn, but your skin will be softer, smoother, and you prevent imminent harm.

What to do now

Protect yourself in the sun is not coming from 11-15 hours, try not to burn and use sunscreen SPF15. This summer developed tools with antioxidants, protect the skin as much as possible. Long-term studies have shown that antioxidants prevent free radical damage. But do not try the unknown product. "Food to prevent certain types of cancer, but this does not apply to skin cancer," - says Professor Diffie. The use of antioxidants should be combined with the reduction of solar exposure,   Do not forget also that the products do not heal you, if your skin is plagued by constant tan. Many experts agree that reducing exposure to the sun slows down the aging process.