Like alcohol, smoking and sunbathing affect your face. Part 1 - alcohol
 Visible damage

Frequent use of alcohol leads to hyperemia (honey. - The local increase in the amount of blood at the strong inflow of it to any organ or tissue site or difficulty of its outflow), and this leads to other problems: eyes constantly bloodshot vessels burst.

A well-known fact that alcohol enhances veins. Constant redness indicates deterioration veins - they can become very vulnerable. You may have yellowing of the eyes - it is associated with liver problems. As a result of prolonged use of alcoholic beverages may appear weakness - this is due to the fact that alcohol impairs the body's ability to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream. And that's not all: you have the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and dehydration as a result of a sleepless night.

Deep damage

Many of us think that the greatest harm of alcohol - a hangover, but there are more frightening consequences - for example, three-day drinking wine before dinner or at a party triples the risk of breast cancer. The risk of cancer of the liver, colon and rectum, esophagus - all the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, in addition, there are malaise, increased blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack.

But most of all suffers from liver - It is the most vulnerable organ, besides it is very difficult to cure. People aged 35-44 years, most notably manifest liver disease. Dr. Guy Radcliffe (Director of the Medical Association for Combating alcohol addiction) said that the use of alcohol from 20 to 35 times a week is potentially dangerous, and more than 35 - is destructive to the body.

Good news

"The harm done by alcohol, can be corrected by returning to a normal life and get rid of dependence" - Says Dr. Andrew McNeill, director of the Institute for the Study of Alcohol. "Heart attacks may be the result of strong intoxication and threaten you in that moment when you drink alcohol, cancer also appear stronger when alcohol becomes systematic, so the sooner you start life without alcohol, the better for your body."

Hazardous liver disease, which threaten women (this is, first of all, hepatitis and cirrhosis), can also be prevented. Remember that the liver can be restored in a year, provided that you do not abuse alcohol. And of course, your appearance will be attractive, you will not have health problems, the skin will be more smooth and rosy.   Healthy sleep and rise without the hangover will return your eyes freshness and radiance.

What do we have to do

Pull yourself together and spend three days without alcohol. Red wine is perfect for your heart if you are a girl or a woman of middle age (this is the safest drink for you). And remember: all the studies say people who consume alcohol in small doses, is much healthier than those who do not drink alcohol at all.   "Drink with your friends in the company always loosens up and relaxes, so, - says Dr. McNeil - get rid of alcohol dependence, without leaving the house."