Pregnancy, childbirth and family relations
 How often I hear complaints of their "gossips" for men and women in general: they are all goats, all they dogs, all somehow Give love and affection, care and delicious dinner; only the poor get tired of his wife and, slowly but surely, become either shrews or quiet gray mice. And then their husbands did not glance to the side, and brazenly walk there. Of course, there are those who reciprocate, or simply turn a blind eye to it all. But I'm not about that.

Yes, I am sometimes shocked by tales and complaints of my "lovely" ladies. Once, when I was pregnant and was left alone, and our Daddy, send me to an abortion, had disappeared and a half years, I was as "sweet".

Time - a great power! It gives not only delayed the wounds, but also to acquire wisdom. Although I was far from it all and gave an impromptu:

Do you think it is simple:
Pregnancy, labor and delivery?
Then I would be like with me
At home and at work.
When in the summer heat, all in edema,
Sick and kicked crumbs
Then you'll know what it means
I feel very bad.
When you pass all the bouts
And suffer these efforts,
Bring forth, and maybe you will understand,
What is very difficult to be a woman!

That all changed when I gave birth to a daughter. Actually at the time of delivery. Thought occurred to me that not all men are so bad. As they say, not so devil as he is painted. I have no idea why this thought came into my head was at such a moment, but from it was somehow easier.

Poobizhavshis on our Daddy, I forgive. It reads the holy commandment goodbye and be forgiven. And then, opening his eyes to the wider family life, I saw that, subject to the oath given to marriage, family life is beautiful, and not in any way a burden.

I know one couple, for which she was the family motto oath. For Marina and Andrew birth of their first daughter, their first child, it was a great happiness. But after the birth of Marina back ached badly, so much so that neither stand nor sit. The husband came to the aid of his wife. He took leave and devoted himself entirely to his favorite girls. Himself changed and washed diapers, get up at night to pass the mother's daughter in the feeding, doing all the household chores, do not forget to pay attention to his wife. Recently, they had a second daughter. And who is to say that such family relationships - Fiction?

What's the use complaining all around family life, if it is your family. This is your nest, and depends on you how it will be durable.

Family life is wonderful, but after the birth of her husband as a substitute? It is very difficult from the psychological side of the situation. Many similar stories told on television. And hard, and cruel, and certainly hurt us women. This suggests that family - it's a team game; a pyramid, the base of which are love, tenderness, mutual deep respect and, of course, friendship. One has only to push one of these blocks, the whole pyramid first banked, and eventually collapse.

Ah, pregnancy! Though sometimes difficult, but still a great time. Feeling the first stirring, the first shock (severe and demanding, or, on the contrary, soft shuffling feet). Especially wonderful when impressions of the delicate situation of getting both parents. I think it's important active communication Pope with the baby, while still in the womb, the same opinion is shared by scientists. This allows you to get closer to the man with the child before the birth and to get used to the new, and the proud title of father.

 Pregnancy, childbirth and family relations

On the west spread to give birth together, that is, when the father is present at birth. The very nature of the process have been included in the emergence of a new life. This is too important for us intimately. But the experience of the present day shows that the joint childbirth can lead to two paths later in life:

- First, the relationship between the spouses are strengthened and prosperous psychological situation in the family is the best baby need for a harmonious internal development.

- Secondly, some men after seeing can indefinitely gulf every sexual desire, which in turn leads to discord in the family, and even divorce.

Remember that the decision to give birth together should be well thought out and weighed several times. You should not go on about fashion. However, some of the reviews together given birth say that if a beloved man (the father of your child) during childbirth helps his wife and supports her, the woman is morally much easier. During the first moments of life your baby hold his father, then their future relationship will be more intimate and positive, psychologists recommend.

And finally I want to say that a child should not take place "potentates" in your family, otherwise there will be a balanced equilibrium between spouses. Location and start mutual insults and accusations, and the boat on the shore of happiness broken life.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova