Solo therapy, or How to cope with the blues
 Lean on the day positive emotions, mood, they say, "the floor", you had a fight with people in the household or at work you counted heads? Well, it is possible to change everything for myself just so that dark state of mind was not as dangerous to health.

Of course, you can close person (beloved, mother, friend, etc.) complain to the vest, then the law will work speech absorption emotions. But apart from that, I for myself have long discovered the incredible effect of music on our subconscious. Although it was discovered by scientists before me, but still. But not only the music can improve mood, as well as and, indeed, the very solo singing . When we are well and happy, we hum yourself something pleasant and a favorite, and then we will be even better. Is not it? Then why not reverse the bad mood the same way? Let the law work self-speech: verbal expression of emotions creates the emotion of the speaker.

Propevaya positive emotions in the song, thus we program ourselves as if these emotions. For the first time, when I decided to take a similar therapy, once it did not even believe that will help, but all I tried to get closer to the desired result.

• It all started with the fact that when I first started listening to bad mood cheerful stirring melodies. Emotional wave of such music as it infect their positivity. The best part is at such moments - is that bad thoughts fade into the background, and some have forgotten. The most important thing - to want the most, otherwise the therapy would not make sense, for that matter, any other.

• Begin to move in the same rhythm, throw off the dust of negativity and open itself. Forget her, perhaps natural, stiffness. Polo social roles, of course, left us an indelible mark, but with yourself you can really be yourself.

• Release of himself to the beast that lives in you. Everyone is familiar with the phrase "Do not wake the beast in me, I am not afraid of hamsters." But not every woman lives is a hamster. Evolution of female psychology today is that our "beast" is not as harmless as they believe men. When my husband is there, of course, like many couples, we sometimes swear. Let small things, but the fact remains. At such moments, I tell him his favorite phrase, "I'm white and fluffy, like sneakers, but I can be a tough and dangerous as Mamba." He knows that this is the case in reality. Maybe that's why hubby is trying not to wake me the very beast?

• Sing a song if you like, even if the words are unfamiliar, sing. Thus, you let off steam. Even if there is no hearing and voice, can sing, though not loud, but the singing itself liberates from negative. Activate a positive emotion.

• Sing karaoke songs. This is a very positive process. The main thing that you liked the most. Feel the freedom! Many people are embarrassed to sing in karaoke bars. But you can sing karaoke at home when there are no household (if you are afraid or do not want to hear from them some criticism).

Even if you think this idea is absurd, remember the words of D. Carnegie "mask of gaiety becomes hilarity." The same applies to the bad mood, tears if succumb to tears, discouragement, to start a lot to complain about, the emotional and physical condition of the person will get worse, "Tears generate sadness, and not vice versa" (K. ascendant).

Also, I would add that the law of absorption speech emotions, which I mentioned above, reads as follows: when a coherent story about the emotions experienced by the speech, it is absorbed and disappears. But, to my mind, this effect can be enhanced. Propyl, even to himself, some negative emotion (the aspect that caused sadness), followed (as if in mockery of this aspect) Sing something to cheer.

There are moments in life when waking up in the morning, you know that there is no more strength to deal with the accumulated problems. From this very sad, but do not fall into apathy and the more lowered to such tests (nothing else I can not think of life's problems, for they are all a kind of test) hands. At such moments, I often recall the words of the famous song from the movie "Midshipmen, forward! "" Do not hang up his nose, midshipmen, there life is hard, il is good .... "

Among other things, singing helps with communication. You ask how? With your permission, dear reader, I will give an example of one of my friends:

Since childhood, Vasily (name changed for obvious reasons) speaking quietly. I would say, is so quiet and peaceful that almost no one paid attention to his words. Basil either not heard or not taken seriously. So it was in the kindergarten and at school, but went to college guy was in the company of young people singing exclusively. He helped deliver voice, and he began to sing along with the rest. Now it is pleasant to listen to, he can vary the tone of voice so that his words drew attention. A year ago, Bob opened a small business for repair.

Ask what it said? And the fact that only through singing and will, man has become noticeable. Like and talking as usual, but after some time spent in conversation with him, you know that there is the very quiet and monotonous speech. This leads to some reflection.

Sing to health and joy yourself and loved ones.
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova