The 45 Like a young girl. Why is that?
 Sharon Stone gets face Dior Capture Totale line for 48 years, Demi Moore - at age 44 received an invitation to become the face of Versace, Andie MacDowell, 47 years advertises L'Oreal ...

Beauty changing age? With absolute dictatorship of the young actresses with smooth skin done?

If the cosmetic brand advertising campaigns reinvested in more mature actresses, it is because we are present, according to the observer of fashion trends Vincent Gregoire, "in the rehabilitation of concepts such as the time that passes, the experience, even some wisdom that does not rule out the wrinkles."

Ask women aged 35 to 50 years: none of them believes that 20 years is the best age of life. According to a survey conducted by the brand Dove, 91% of women 30 to 44 years old think they can be beautiful at any age of life.

"This poll confirms the idea that the more we grow, the more we begin to appreciate yourself"   - Emphasizes the director of Dove Dolphin Peirel.

  How we can feel better with a few wrinkles around the eyes, full lips with less, less shiny hair, and "extra roundness" that sometimes appear to age? Simply because in 20 years we may have nice features, but crushed by the tyranny of the ideal of 90-60-80, we do not realize it!

"In my youth, we compare ourselves with the youngest and most beautiful, as the search for identity - a process that is part of the process of creating its image"   commented Professor Jean Bernard Garre (Jean Bernard Garre), a leader in the University Hospital of Angers, and one of the few psychologists, which studies issues of beauty. "Moreover, - continues the professor - at a young age in women, there may be a lack of narcissism."

AT   youth in the mirror only to see what is not included in the rate.   Need a little time and experience to get out from under the dictatorship of the glossy covers, erasing the internal iealy: Kate Moss and Laetitia Casta, for example. It takes time to find what we are, to choose hair color, good length skirt.

"In 20 years, the acquisition of shopping like searching for the ideal country, where we strive to get there. In 40 years, acquiring the thing we create a world" says Marie Vayant (Vaillant), psychologist and author of "How to love a woman." "Mainly, says Marie Vayant, for 40 years we feel" secret alchemy between what we want to show ourselves and how others see us. "A kind of games: hide - show that - every woman knows - Kindle seduction ".

The quiet beauty.

In the poll, "What you can feel beautiful?", The woman interviewed by Dove, 88% responded to the love. Love men, friends, love, family members, of course, and "love for their favorite activities." In other words, beauty - it's a rush to be out of choice, of passion, of profound duty, so beauty, moving away from a purely physical definitions acquires such scores as intellectual, athletic or artistic.

The whole experience of life (motherhood, promotion, career change) plays at strengthening the positive assessment of our personality, explains Maryse Vaillant, and it encourages self-esteem, which is missing the youngest.

"Even our life experiences give something special to our view" - says Elizabeth Veissman, co-author of the book "The Age called the coveted" (publication Albin Michel) - difficult tests we can improve. Illness, divorce, career drop can make a woman's personality more vivid. "

It tests help us to actualize. When actively involved in the life of ourselves, we begin to better understand other people. Consequently, there is a small opening: "Beauty is close to wisdom."   This is the reason that a difficult experience can spend a metamorphosis in appearance. Women who underwent psychoanalysis, knows this: "In the course of sessions, some of the physical transformation can occur very quickly - confirms Professor Jean-Bernard Garre. -   Women who come to the psychoanalyst unhappy, disappointed in himself, becoming liberated from its jaws, a state of inner well-being, which is immediately reflected in their appearance. "

"There is nothing more seductive than a woman who knows the desires, he knows where she is going and asking persistently approving gaze of others, to be eligible for its existence" stresses Elizabeth Veissman.

When we look 20 years and the men on the street stops on our buttocks, arms, and other body parts - in these "small object of desire", we accept it in the abstract, "as a threat to the dismemberment of himself"; in 40 years, on the contrary, our integrity helps us make the desire in his eyes encountered an unknown man in the street as an incentive. We not only are not afraid of "dismembering" look great, but, on the contrary, they allow us to even add a little pepper in our relationships with those we love.

Models older?

What about fashion? Whether it is due to the same tendency in the evaluation of a beautiful mature women? Some houses Haute Couture annually make mature set of models to represent the collection of clothes. And when we look at a photo shoot women's magazines that put a number of mothers and their daughters, often striking beauty is mature women.

"In the advertising campaigns - explains Vincent Gregoire, - until recently, women covered the full light of the direct spotlight. Today, they are back lit color and appear as Buddhist image, his eyes closed its shortcomings."

This "ability to emit light of the soul" is not an advertising gimmick. It exists as a mature model person. When this inner light is released from fear, he calms features, it combines small details (wrinkles, wrinkles ...), who suddenly no longer any significance.

Moreover, this light creates an aura of well-being, and many undefined positive waves, which give the effect of a stunningly magnetic, attractive, alluring!

Beauty today suddenly became accessible to all, if only the women have given yourself the opportunity to be really beautiful!