Understanding of female beauty in Christianity
 Spring - a wonderful season, we expect our body and awakening, so many plans and many wonders around. And for women of orthodox beginning of spring - it is always waiting for a light holiday of Easter. And if the biblical commandments and the Christian faith in generally occupies an important place in your life, this period may be the best time for reflection on human values. Since we are talking about beauty, I suggest, "dip" in the history briefly, to think about what it means to the beauty of women in Christianity.

Christianity places special importance First of all, the beauty of the interior. According to these principles, it is important to decorate not only the exclusive attributes, but, more importantly, the pious and good deeds.

Nobility, gentleness and kindness - these are the qualities that valued at all times in Christian women. Inner cleanliness and good intentions are always manifested in appearance, and makes a woman more attractive to others. And will agree with almost all men.

Woman in the light of Christianity is considered beautiful internally, if it fulfills its allotted role. We will understand this more.

Particular attention is paid to family relations between men and women. Biblical doctrine clearly show the role of husband and wife. Many have noticed this certain roles injustice. At first glance it might seem that the role of women (in historical perspective) somewhat prejudiced. But a more detailed study Christian view of family relationships becomes apparent that the woman This understanding is appreciated especially as more gentle, kind and gentle creature. That's why she plays the role of guardian of the "family home", warm relationships and comfort in the house.

Many also do not like the clear notion that in the light of Christian teachings wives should obey their husbands. But the house comes complete comfort and convenience only when there is no conflict about the rule of roles. Therefore, obedience to her husband here means a certain way to the eternal human values, which should be in every family - Love, harmony and mutual understanding.

But that there were no disagreements and grievances marriages should be performed only by love. Accordingly, a woman will be internally and externally beautiful, but if it can truly love and keep the warmth of family relationships, like a faithful guardian of the hearth of happiness throughout life. And even if it seems that the old feelings fade away, the sacred duty of women - by all means try to return love and keep the family together, to make sure that all family members feel good and comfortable in your own home.

One need only add that the internal beauty - the ability to be generous, to sacrifice something for the sake of others (if necessary) to make concessions and, most importantly (as previously stated) - be able to love - truly, with all my heart. As you can see, these words also lies great wisdom, which is simply to understand each one of us.

A more detailed Bible study becomes clear that women are also always appreciated courage and bravery, but if these qualities were sent to good goals. Showing a certain heroism and courage, women could serve the Lord and the people to bear in the world good. And it is at all times was considered beautiful.

And if you have long been a desire to change something in my life and change most (not outwardly, but inwardly), it is best at this time, on the eve of the great feast, when the light of God's love fills the earth and touches hearts, to conduct an internal reassessment of values ​​and try to understand where, when and for what reasons, you make mistakes, ask the Lord for forgiveness and wisdom and patience, and look at the world, at people differently. Remember, the eyes - a mirror soul, and if in your view will sparkle love of all, you will always sincere, generous, calm and patient, people around you is necessarily notice and will be thinking to himself: "She is charming! ".

After all, Christian tested wisdom for centuries, and Christian values ​​have been and will exist as long as there is peace because the human heart will always seek to the beautiful, sublime, eternal. Maybe we do not all realize this, but at heart understand that the Christian view of true beauty - the most true.
Author: Alla Pilipenko