We change lives and shape a better
 How often do we try to change your life - go on a strict diet, and time to get rid of 10 extra kilos to become a workaholic, and twice to increase their fees at work, three times to keep up the house, do not let things lie throughout the apartment, and a pile of dishes lie quietly in the sink ... Plans unable to carry out units, and the rest just keep dreaming as they heal, when to change your life.

Who is brave?
The problem is that most of the bright prospects are good only on paper - or rather, in our imagination. Here we present ourselves - thin and fine, indifferently passing by the best pastry shop in town and refuses delicious cake her aunt, "the ruins of the Earl." And how well we sit on an evening dress, bought for New Year corporate party two years ago!

Enjoy these dreams can be long. Only here the whole fuse passes, when we are alone with the ascetic diet, allowing us a day to 20 grams and 40 grams of it.

The same problem arises with the implementation of ambitious plans on earning huge fees, and a desire to "get it all."

 We change lives and shape a better
   Long lists are strikeout less than half - twice as many articles "is not written," and three times more work "does not have time."

Very often our noble aspirations are not realized just for the reason that we are trying to make them all at once. In short, the time to change his life and become a plump of reed, but from mediocre worker workaholic. Needless to say, that at the first failure (which are inevitable in such a grandiose) from the intended person refuses and returns to the old life. And nothing has changed…

You know, there are successful homemakers FlyLady this practice - unloved for the household to pay very little time. That is, take a stopwatch to pinpoint 15 minutes for them to do dirty thankless job. What gives? It gives a small but visible effect. Ladies forums amazed how much you can catch in 15 minutes. This principle can be extended to other areas of our lives. If you really do not want to, but very necessary, force yourself to do it for long - the same 15, and for the most patient - 30 minutes. What can be achieved over the quarter of an hour?

For those who can not stand sports, fitness 15 minutes per day - it is also a significant result. First, a little calories, but it can be reset. Second, to get used to charging, as a habit, as we know, is a great thing. Over time, your attitude toward fitness change, and you might want to give more time to exercise. Thirdly, gradually from the sport fun there. And when it appears, it is not to force yourself to have ...

And here's another example. At a time when the number of trips abroad is increasing every year (by the way, in 2010, it achieved a record trips of Russians abroad in the last 10 years), from every second to hear the phrase: "Yes ... It is necessary to learn a foreign language ...". Everything was repeated, but only a few are written for courses and advancing in this direction. And if given to a foreign language at least 15 (well, let 30) minutes per day, how much could be learned during the years of empty promises! Even if you remember only 5 words per day, calculate how much will a year. And for two or three years?

The problem is that no one is coming to address this issue. Learning a foreign language seems to us a global challenge to which you want to "go with the responsibility," "begin to engage on a daily basis for two hours," "sign up for expensive courses," "all the time listening to CDs and watch a movie." And where, they say, take your free time? As a result, we erect in front of a huge wall, created from our own conjectures. Ah, if only 15 minutes a day ... You'll see, the next release could be something to learn.

 We change lives and shape a better
 Better than nothing
The essence of the evolutionary approach is perfectly lazy, with which most of us are. Life-changing radically willing to few. So do anything! Even a little bit of positive change is better than nothing!

- 5 hour of exercise fitness complex is better than nothing!
- Refusal of a second piece of cake is better than nothing!
- Smoke a cigarette 4 less than usual - is better than nothing!
- Give 15 minutes restore order in the closet - again, better than nothing!
- 15 minutes outdoors in cold weather - even as it is better than a day to sit in a stuffy apartment!

Drop boyish. Every day, you can do little to change their lives. And this does not necessarily "turn the page" and "to begin life with a clean slate." It is enough to "make useful notes in the margins" - and much change! Good luck!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya