A drop of the sea in a big city
 Summer came to the city, taking with him the exhausting heat, which heats gladly pick up his touch tall buildings and flying cars on the melting asphalt. Summer in the City - an ordeal for all living things; even in artificial oases of coolness under the air conditioning becomes easier on a matter of moments - it seems that the heat seeping through the tightly closed windows and poured with the monitor.

Today our trip will be special - we move in space. Slightly closed his eyes, we hear the sound of the surf and the surprised cries of gulls. Here we are sitting in the shade of palm leaves, delicate fingers feeling the roughness of sand, and substitute face merry breeze bringing scents magical journeys and adventures. Tired of the day the sun is preparing to swim in the waves, and we will follow his example. Cool water reserve the fatigue and exhaustion flushed, and we renewed and refreshed, sit down on the sand and watch the sunset ...

The minutes of relaxation after a hard day are needed not only to us, but also our skin, especially the face, every minute that passes the test cosmetics; heat, sun, wind and the city.

During our trip happened to me an interesting story - I was able to move not only in space but in time, and this is a wonderful discovery, I hasten to tell you.

In his hands were two guide me. One of them - Cleansing Gel cleanser gentle care for the young and sensitive skin of the Clean & Clear .

 A drop of the sea in a big city

Hmm - I thought - if the skin is not quite young, because the sensitivity does not become smaller?

I thought - and tried. Light really is very light and delicate gel with a very pleasant, unobtrusive scent. (By the way, for me, the smell of cosmetics - is extremely important). The gel forms a weightless foam gently cleanses the skin and removes traces of makeup. Do not dry the skin, it does not contain soap and preserves the natural pH-balance, and, in other words, gives a feeling of comfort. What particularly pleased with - gel contains vitamin E - and it is a loyal ally of the beauty of the skin. Furthermore, the gel normalizes metabolic and protective mechanisms of the skin, fatty acids, glycerides and palm oil.

I wash them twice a day, morning and evening, and the wash will continue, because in the heat he was irreplaceable.

The second tool, designed to help our journey - otshelushivayushy Scrub Deep action with the effect of "chill" from Clean & Clear . Granules in scrubs - are very small and it seems that they literally melt under your fingers, dissolving and turning into a nice cream. By the way, peeling - one of the first cosmetic procedures ever; beautiful half of humanity has always cared about the renewal and cleansing of the skin. I use a scrub regularly, not exceeding, however, recommended by dermatologists rate, and this means I was satisfied - the skin is flat and smooth.

 A drop of the sea in a big city

Scrub also has a pleasant scent, cleans pores, through gentle exfoliation, and - oh, miracle! - Cools the face. This point, I note in particular, because it was then that I felt that I really sit face to the fresh wind, the sea ...
Author: Sincerely, Marina K.